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15/11/2016 2016-1575 Final Report on Guidelines on the validation and review of Credit Rating Agencies’ methodologies Final Report PDF
655.85 KB
26/09/2017 ESMA71-99-598 Final Report on Joint ESMA and EBA Guidelines on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders , , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
1.48 MB
18/07/2018 ESMA33-9-246 Final report on Supplementary Guidelines on Endorsement Final Report PDF
948.62 KB
31/03/2020 ESMA43-370-103 Final report on TA on EMIR 2.2 CCP fines , , , Final Report PDF
478.11 KB
17/11/2017 ESMA33-9-205 Final Report on the application of the CRA endorsement regime Final Report PDF
1.02 MB
20/12/2019 JC 2019 20 Final report- EMIR RTS on various amendments to the bilateral margin requirements in view of the international framework , Final Report PDF
344.98 KB
18/05/2011 2011/139 Final report- Guidelines on the application of the endorsement regime under Article 4 (3) of the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation No 1060/2009 , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
653.98 KB
20/07/2017 BoA 2017 01 FinancialCraft Analytics Sp. z o.o. vs ESMA BoA Decision , Decision PDF
693 KB
22/12/2014 JC/GL/2014/01 DA Fælles retningslinjer om konvergens i tilsynspraksis hvad angår konsekvent implementering af tilsynskoordinerende ordninger for finansielle konglomerater , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
187.31 KB
22/12/2014 JC/GL/2014/01 NL Gemeenschappelijke richtsnoeren betreffende de convergentie van toezichtpraktijken met betrekking tot coherente coördinatieregelingen voor het toezicht op financiële conglomeraten , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
214.02 KB
22/12/2014 JC/GL/2014/01 DE Gemeinsame Leitlinien über die Angleichung der Aufsichtspraxis in Bezug auf die Einheitlichkeit von Kooperationsvereinbarungen für die Beaufsichtigung von Finanzkonglomeraten , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
170.92 KB
22/12/2014 JC/GL/2014/01 SV Gemensamma riktlinjer Gemensamma riktlinjer för enhetlig tillsynspraxis och konsekvent tillämpning i samordning av gränsöverskridande tillsyn för finansiella konglomerat , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
187.94 KB
22/12/2014 JC/GL/2014/01 RO Ghid comun privind convergența practicilor de supraveghere referitoare lacoerența acordurilor de coordonare pentru conglomeratele financiare , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
237.83 KB
25/08/2014 JC/2014/43 ro Ghid privind tratarea plângerilor în sectorul valorilor mobiliare (ESMA) și în sectorul bancar (ABE) , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
166.57 KB
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA) published today their Joint Committee final Report on guidelines for handling consumer complaints in the securities and banking sectors. The document aims to increase market confidence and for the benefit of consumers and firms alike it will ensure a harmonised approach to handling complaints for all 28 EU Member States and across all financial services sectors.The final report published today is part of the efforts of the European Supervisory Authorities to bring further supervisory convergence across the securities and banking sectors. It was developed on the basis of the existing complaints-handling guidelines established by EIOPA (the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) for the insurance sector. The report was launched for a public consultation last year and this final version takes into consideration the feedback received.ESMA and the EBA consider that these guidelines will ensure a consistent approach to complaints-handling across the EU. Consumers can purchase financial services and products in the investment, banking and insurance sectors across the entire EU Single Market and these guidelines will allow them to refer to a single set of complaints-handling arrangements. EU consumers will therefore be able to rely on the same approach irrespective of what type of product they have purchased and where they have purchased it.In addition to strengthening consumer protection -a key statutory objective for ESMA and for the EBA-, the guidelines will also allow firms, some of which sell products from more than one sector across the EU, to streamline and standardise their own complaints-handling arrangements. National regulators too will be able to supervise the same harmonised requirements across all sectors of financial services in their own jurisdictions.The guidelines will be translated into the official languages of the European Union (EU) and they will become applicable two months after the date of publication of their translations.
17/06/2013 2013/720 Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
317.88 KB

Croatian translation is also available.

30/07/2013 2013/720 BG Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
159.45 KB
Насоки и препоръки Насоки и препоръки относно приложното поле на Регламента за АКР
30/07/2013 2013/720 ES Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
103.74 KB
Directrices y recomendaciones Directrices y recomendaciones sobre el ámbito de aplicación del Reglamento relativo a las agencias de calificación crediticia
30/07/2013 2013/720 CS Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
140.94 KB
Obecné pokyny a doporučení Obecné pokyny a doporučení k oblasti působnosti nařízení o ratingových agenturách
30/07/2013 2013/720 DA Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
100.11 KB
Retningslinjer og henstillinger Retningslinjer og henstillinger om CRA-forordningens anvendelsesområde
30/07/2013 2013/720 DE Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation , Guidelines & Recommendations PDF
103.09 KB
Leitlinien und Empfehlungen Leitlinien und Empfehlungen zum Geltungsbereich der CRA-Verordnung