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ESMA32-1283113657-1108 Letter to IFRS IC on the presentation of cash flows from margin calls for certain contracts for the sale or purchase of commodities (IAS 7) Corporate Finance, Financial reporting, Issuer disclosure Letter DOWNLOAD 229.35 KB
ESMA22-1669215091-5523 Summary of conclusions Management Board - 12 December 2023 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 247.66 KB
ESMA12-766636679-105 Response to European Commission's targeted consultation on OTC derivatives identifier for public transparency purposes MiFID - Secondary Markets Reference DOWNLOAD 428.14 KB
JC 2023 86 Final report on draft RTS on ICT Risk Management Framework and on simplified ICT Risk Management Framework Digital Finance and Innovation, Joint Committee Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.79 MB
JC 2023 85 Final report on draft ITS on Register of Information Digital Finance and Innovation, Joint Committee Final Report DOWNLOAD 2.92 MB
JC 2023 84 Final report on draft RTS to specify the policy on ICT services supporting critical or important functions Digital Finance and Innovation, Joint Committee Final Report DOWNLOAD 816.42 KB
JC 2023 83 Final Report on draft RTS on classification of major incidents and significant cyber threats Digital Finance and Innovation, Joint Committee Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.08 MB
ESMA24-229244789-4647 Staff Stakeholder contacts in the forth quarter 2023 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 164.12 KB
ESMA34-46-101 Register of authorised European long-term investment funds (ELTIFs) Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 53.67 KB
JC Q&As register Register of the joint Q&As Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 183.68 KB
JC 2023 18 Consolidated Q&A on the SFDR Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Q&A DOWNLOAD 989.81 KB
ESMA50-524821-3002 Working Paper on Market impacts of the 2020 short selling bans Risk monitoring, Short Selling Report DOWNLOAD 742.21 KB
ESMA Newsletter Newsletter November and December 2023 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 9.15 MB
ESMA50-524821-3038 TRV Article: Real estate markets – risk exposures in EU securities markets and investment funds Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 608.14 KB
ESMA70-155-6641 Opinion on the assessment of pre-trade transparency waivers Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 412.63 KB
ESMA74-2134169708-6870 Manual on post-trade transparency under MiFID II/ MiFIR Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 3.48 MB
ESMA12-11834 Consultation Paper on European Single Access Point - Response form Market data Reference DOWNLOAD 707.3 KB
JC 2023 78 Consultation Paper on draft ITS specifying certain tasks of collection bodies and certain functionalities of the European Single Access Point Market data Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 801.62 KB
ESMA82-402-39 List of Synthetic Securitisations notified to ESMA Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 60.49 KB
ESMA74-362-2351 Guidelines on transfer of data between Trade Repositories under EMIR and SFTR Guidelines and Technical standards, Market data, Securities Financing Transactions, Trade Repositories Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 321.79 KB
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