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05/10/2015 2015/1498 Letter to European Commission re RTS on indirect clearing under EMIR and under MiFIR , Letter PDF
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18/08/2015 2015/1258 ESMA submission to IFRS IC on IAS 20 Letter PDF
79.26 KB
29/06/2015 2015/1056 ESMA's response to EFRAG Draft Endorsement Advice on IFRS 9 Letter PDF
128.72 KB
29/06/2015 2015/1012 EFRAG deferral letter of effective date of IFRS 15 Letter PDF
36.32 KB
29/06/2015 2015/1011 Letter IASB- Deferral of the effective date IFRS 15 Letter PDF
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05/06/2015 2015/913 Letter to the EFRAG on IASB’s Proposed Amendments to IAS 1 Letter PDF
30.16 KB
05/06/2015 2015/912 Letter to the IASB on IASB’s Proposed Amendments to IAS 1 Letter PDF
29.93 KB
05/06/2015 2015/911 ESMA Submission to IFRS IC on Application of IAS 12 Letter PDF
29.66 KB
05/06/2015 2015/910 Letter to IFRS IC on Tentative Agenda Decision on IFRIC 14 Letter PDF
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21/05/2015 2015/857 ESMA response to the European Commission consultation on the review of the Prospectus Directive , Letter PDF
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07/04/2015 2015/666 ESMA's comment letter regarding the IASB’s Exposure Draft Disclosure Initiative Letter PDF
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07/04/2015 2015/667 ESMA's comment letter to the EFRAG regarding the IASB’s Exposure Draft Disclosure Initiative Letter PDF
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23/02/2015 2015/168 Letter to EU Institutions re ESMA’s 2015 Work Programme , , Letter PDF
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Dear Mr Gualtieri, Ms Ribkina and Commissioner Hill, On 30 September 2014 we sent you ESMA’s Work Programme for 2015, which was based on the budget request that had been approved by ESMA’s Board of Supervisors: a budget of €38,639,000 and 147 Establishment Plan posts. The EU budget had not been voted at the time. Following the adoption of the EU budget, ESMA’s 2015 expenditure budget is €33,601,402 (plus an additional €3,100,000 from assigned revenues for tasks delegated from National Competent Authorities) with an Establishment Plan of 137 posts. ESMA’s Board of Supervisors has approved a revised work programme to account for the difference of €5m and 10 Establishment Plan posts; representing a 15% reduction compared to the planned ESMA budget and 7% of its Establishment Plan. ESMA will therefore lack sufficient resources to execute all the tasks that were initially planned for 2015. The Work Programme explains the areas where reprioritisation had to take place, including the risk that ESMA will not fully meet its legal obligations, for instance due to the delay of delivery compared to legally set timetables. A summary of the deprioritised tasks is annexed to the Work Programme and reproduced in the table below. 2014/1200rev ESMA Work Programme
23/02/2015 2015/419 IFRS IC Agenda Item Request: Measurement of minimum funding requirement in pension asset ceiling test Letter PDF
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09/02/2015 2015/261 Letter to EFRAG on IASB ED Amendments to IFRS 2 Letter PDF
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09/02/2015 2015/260 Letter to IASB ED Amendments to IFRS 2 Letter PDF
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16/01/2015 2015/60 Letter to the IFRS IC tentative agenda decision related to IFRS 11 Joint Arrangements Letter PDF
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12/01/2015 2015/25 Letter to EFRAG on the IASB's DP Reporting the Financial Effects of Rate Regulation Letter PDF
141.57 KB
12/01/2015 2015/24 Letter to the IASB DP Reporting the Financial Effects of Rate Regulation Letter PDF
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08/12/2014 2014/1452 Letter to the EFRAG DCL on IASB ED Measuring Quoted Investments in Subsidiaries JV and Associates at FV Letter PDF
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