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09/12/2014 2014/1474 Investor Protection and an integrated EU Capital Market- Steven Maijoor address to DSW/Better Finance for All Conference Speech PDF
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Steven Maijoor spoke at the DSW/Better Finance for All International Investors Conference in Wiesbaden on 9 December. His speech focused on two closely interlinked topics, namely the enhancement of the level of protection offered to investors and the accelerated harmonisation and integration of EU capital markets.
12/12/2014 2014/1434 EN Henri Sijthoff Prijs 2014- keynote speech by Steven Maijoor Speech PDF
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Steven Maijoor delivered the key note speech of the 2014 Henri Sijthoff award in Amsterdam. This is the translation of the speech. In his speech Mr Maijoor focuses on how the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the consolidated financial statements of companies listed on EU regulated markets since 2005 has contributed to the quality of financial reporting and to the development of the EU Single Market. Looking ahead, Mr Maijoor focuses on three challenges the need for companies to provide investors with clear and consistent information and to continue the efforts towards global adoption whilst regretting that there is limited prospect for broad adoption by the United States of America (USA) and Japan, two countries playing an important role in regulating international financial markets. Thirdly, Mr Maijoor emphasises that the consistent application of IFRS is essential within a Single Market; this can be achieved through equipping national supervisory authorities with sufficient and similar tools to detect and remedy non-compliance with IFRS principles but also the need for a new instrument that would allow to intervene when a national authority would diverge from the views of its EU peers.
18/12/2014 2014/1575 Keynote Address to ICI Global Trading and Market Structure Conference, London- Verena Ross Speech PDF
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Verena Ross, ESMA Executive Director, addressed the ICI GLobal Trading and Market Structure Conference in London on 9 December 2014 on the topics of MiFID II and trade reporting issues.
19/01/2015 2015/123 Remarks by Steven Maijoor at Opening Session of Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong, 19 January 2015 Speech PDF
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Introduction Let me first thank the Hong Kong authorities for inviting me to speak at this prestigious event about the important topic of long-term sustainable growth, which is very high on the agenda, both here in the East and in the West. It is good to be back in my birthplace. No, that is not a slip of the tongue. I was born in Hong Kong, about one mile from here in the area called Happy Valley. Consistent with that, I have always been an optimistic person, and that is a very valuable trait as a regulator. Although my family and I lived only shortly here in Hong Kong, I am proud of being born here, and I am sure that it gave me a good start in life. The core topic of this panel is long-term, sustainable growth in Asia. I am certainly not in a position to give a lecture on this topic as current Asian growth figures are on average higher than those in the European Union. Therefore I will listen carefully here today and take some lessons back home with me. Instead, I will share with you my current thinking on long-term growth from the perspective of an EU securities markets regulator. Let me first start with the regulatory response to the financial crisis and the frequently heard suggestion that this broad response is hampering economic recovery. The broad regulatory response was and is needed to prevent the recurrence of a crisis like the one we have experienced in the past seven years. The financial crisis has seriously destroyed economic growth. Since 2008, the EU has been on a systematically lower growth path, and is now more than 10% under the trend line as expected before the financial crisis started.
26/02/2015 2015/496 MiFID II – Switching on the light without turning-off the tap- Verena Ross, Executive Director, ESMA , Speech PDF
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Verena Ross, Executive Director of ESMA, delivered the keynote speech at the ABA/Law Society Capital Markets Conference 2015 in London on MiFID II which focused on transparency and liquidity issues.
12/03/2015 2015/583 Regulators, pension funds and efficient financial markets Speech PDF
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24/03/2015 2015/620 MIFID/MIFIR- CSD hearing before ECON , Speech PDF
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12/05/2015 2015/854 Priorities of a Capital Markets Union Speech PDF
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Steven Maijoor delivered a keynote address at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange Day on the topic of the Capital Markets Union.
01/06/2015 2015/904 The Capital Markets Union, Asset Management and Stability , Speech PDF
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Steven Maijoor delivered a speech at the 26th Annual Conference of the International Bar Association on the Globalisation of Investment Funds.
02/06/2015 2015/902 Measuring and assessing stability risks in financial markets Speech PDF
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03/06/2015 2015/789 Joint ESAs Consumer Protection Day 2015 – Opening speech by Steven Maijoor Speech PDF
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I am delighted to welcome such a large, diverse and knowledgeable crowd that has gathered today on the 3rd Joint ESAs Consumer Protection Day. The experience and knowledge that today’s speakers and panellists bring to the table is truly impressive. I am particularly pleased that the topics that we will touch on during the day all have one crucial element in common - they are all topics that essentially require a broad and forward looking vision of protecting financial consumers. In my view this is crucial. It forces us – consumers, policy makers, supervisors, enforcers and industry participants alike – to look beyond the borders of what is currently known to us, when assessing the necessary steps to take to protect financial consumers.
09/06/2015 2015/921 Keynote speech at IDX 2015 Speech PDF
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Rule-making and Implementation – EMIR and MiFID IIESMA is dealing with the two main European legislative projects affecting derivatives regulation – EMIR and MiFID II – for a number of years now. While EMIR has already entered the review stage, MiFID II still has 1.5 years to go before it applies in practice and during which ESMA will have to finalise its legislative implementing measures and work towards practical implementation along with the European national supervisors.  These two projects show the different phases of ESMA regulatory work and I will talk about aspects of both of them today.     For EMIR, ESMA is very much in the implementation stage.  The initial work on technical standards has been completed and we are now working to ensure stringent implementation of the legislation.  For example, we are working on the review of reporting to Trade Repositories building on the experience of the start of TR reporting in February 2014.  We expect to submit draft technical standards to the European Commission after this summer. The revised ESMA standards should become applicable in the second half of 2016.  I will elaborate on this a bit later. In addition, under EMIR, ESMA continues working on the clearing obligation for derivatives and again I will say a bit more about the current work on this implementation topic a little later on. At the same time, EMIR is already undergoing a review.  Like for most legislative measures, a review clause was included in EMIR and the Commission has launched a public consultation recently.  ESMA will be actively contributing to the review, building on its experience in implementing EMIR. For MiFID II, the decisive date for application remains 3 January 2017.  ESMA is therefore very much still in the rule-making stage with regards to this project.  The initial date for ESMA to deliver its main set of technical standards to the European Commission is 3 July 2015. While ESMA is in full flow trying to finalise its package of standards, the timetable has recently been slightly amended due to ESMA and the European Commission agreeing on an early legal review. Under the European set of rules, any technical standard proposed by ESMA has to be adopted by the European Commission and one prerequisite for such adoption is the standard passing the review by the Commission Legal Services. Given that MiFID II is of a size unprecedented in terms of number and volume of technical standards, ESMA and the European Commission considered it important for the standards to be legally reviewed before final and formal submission of draft standards from ESMA to the European Commission. That way, the risk of having potentially a number of standards rejected for legal drafting reasons which would render the subsequent implementation timetable for MiFID II unworkable should be diminished.The early legal review will take place over the course of the summer and ESMA expects to submit its draft technical standards for formal adoption by the European Commission at the end of September 2015. At that point in time there will be clarity for stakeholders as to the exact content of ESMA’s proposals relevant for the regulation of derivatives trading.
16/06/2015 2015/936 Steven Maijoor’s opening remarks to ECON hearing on MiFID II Speech PDF
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01/07/2015 2015/1074 Speech at CISI 2015 Annual Conference by Verena Ross, ESMA Executive Director Speech PDF
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15/07/2015 2015/1133 Steven Maijoor- Opening statement at MiFID II/MiFIR Scrutiny Hearing at ECON Speech PDF
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14/09/2015 2015/1349 Statement by Steven Maijoor ESMA Chair- ECON Hearing 14 September 2015 , Speech PDF
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14/09/2015 2015/1380 Statement by Steven Maijoor Chair ESAs Joint Committee- ECON Hearing 14 September 2015 , Speech PDF
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14/09/2015 JC 2015 056 Statement by Steven Maijoor Chair ESAs Joint Committee- ECON Scrutiny session on PRIIPs 14 September 2015 , Speech PDF
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22/09/2015 2015-1417 Steven Maijoor ISDA Europe Conference Speech 2015 Speech PDF
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29/10/2015 2015/1615 Steven Maijoor speech at ECN , Speech PDF
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