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17/05/2010 10-537 Consultation paper- Guidance on Common Standards for Assessment of Compliance of Credit Rating Methodologies with the Requirements set out in Article 8(3) Consultation Paper PDF
214.09 KB
07/05/2010 10-510 Consultation paper- CESR Technical Advice to the European Commission in the Context of the MiFID Review: Non-equity markets transparency Consultation Paper PDF
220.04 KB
06/05/2010 10-591 Questions and answers on MiFID: Common positions agreed by CESR Members in the area of the Secondary Markets Standing Committee Q&A PDF
130.84 KB
23/04/2010 10-411 Consultation paper on proposed amendments to CESR’s recommendations for the consistent implementation of the Prospectuses Regulation regarding mineral companies Consultation Paper PDF
335.81 KB
19/04/2010 10-293 Question and Answers- Understanding the definition of advice under MiFID Q&A PDF
335.78 KB
19/04/2010 10-108 Consultation paper- CESR’s Guidelines on Risk Measurement and the Calculation of Global Exposure and Counterparty Risk for UCITS Consultation Paper PDF
648.11 KB
13/04/2010 10-417 Consultation paper- CESR technical advice in the context of the MiFID review –Investor Protection and Intermediaries Consultation Paper PDF
669.76 KB
13/04/2010 10-292 Consultation paper- CESR technical advice in the context of the MiFID review –Transaction Reporting Consultation Paper PDF
373.97 KB
13/04/2010 10-394 Consultation Paper- CESR technical advice to the Commission in the context of the MiFID Review- Equity Markets Consultation Paper PDF
714.52 KB
01/04/2010 10-142 Call for evidence- Micro-structural issues of the European equity markets Consultation Paper PDF
182.35 KB
08/03/2010 10-222 FAQ regarding the EU Regulation Credit Rating Agencies: Common positions agreed by CESR Members Q&A PDF
327.78 KB
09/02/2010 09-1215b Consultation paper on proposed extension on major shareholding notifications to instruments of similar economic effect to holding shares and entitlements to acquire shares Consultation Paper PDF
327.48 KB
29/01/2010 09-768 Consultation paper on guidance to report transactions on OTC derivative instruments Consultation Paper PDF
641.91 KB
18/12/2009 09-1175 Call for evidence on cross-sectoral internal governance issues Consultation Paper PDF
86.5 KB
03/11/2009 09-559 Questions and Answers- MiFID complex and non complex financial instruments for the purposes of the Directive’s appropriateness requirements Q&A PDF
405.18 KB
28/10/2009 09-963 CESR’s advice on the level 2 measures related to the UCITS management company passport Consultation Paper PDF
977.11 KB
27/10/2009 09-859 Call for evidence- The use of a standard reporting format for financial reporting of issuers having securities admitted to trading on regulated markets Consultation Paper PDF
165.22 KB
22/10/2009 09-958 Consultation paper on Inducements: Good and poor practices Consultation Paper PDF
913.64 KB
21/10/2009 09-955 Consultation paper- Guidance on Registration Process, Functioning of Colleges, Mediation Protocol, Information set out in Annex II, Information set for the application for Certification and for the assessment of CRAs systemic importance Consultation Paper PDF
668.56 KB
20/10/2009 09-850 Consultation paper- A common definition of European money market funds Consultation Paper PDF
248.61 KB