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11/09/2013 2013/1245 IASB’s Exposure Draft on Leases (EFRAG) Letter PDF
172.89 KB
06/01/2012 2012/10 Interpretation of the Mineral Companies Recommendations for cement companies , Letter PDF
41.27 KB
Open letter regarding Interpretation of the Mineral Companies Recommendations for cement companies
12/12/2012 JC 2012/115 Joint ESA letter to the IASB regarding its request for information on its comprehensive review of IFRS for SMEs Letter PDF
44.65 KB
29/06/2015 2015/1011 Letter IASB- Deferral of the effective date IFRS 15 Letter PDF
35.63 KB
24/01/2014 ESA/2014/001 Letter to Commissioner Barnier, Maystadt Report Letter PDF
448.88 KB
Letter to Commissioner Barnier regarding the Maystadt Report – Should IFRS standards be more European?
11/01/2013 EBA/BS/2013/001 Letter to EBF on Euribor Letter PDF
101.15 KB
17/07/2018 ESMA32-51-541 Letter to EC- ESMA answer to Fitness Check of the EU framework on public reporting by companies , Letter PDF
153.28 KB
26/03/2019 ESMA32-334-109 Letter to EC- Revision of the European Commission’s Non-Binding Guidelines on Non-Financial Reporting Letter PDF
420.13 KB
15/07/2019 ESMA32-61-356 Letter to EFRAG on consultation on Equity Instruments – Research On Measurement Project Letter PDF
101.44 KB
28/05/2018 ESMA32-61-259 Letter to EFRAG on DP Equity instruments impairment and recycling Letter PDF
310.95 KB
23/05/2017 ESMA32-61-173 Letter to EFRAG on Exposure Draft Amendments to IFRS 9 Prepayment Features , Letter PDF
100.51 KB
09/02/2015 2015/261 Letter to EFRAG on IASB ED Amendments to IFRS 2 Letter PDF
69.37 KB
26/06/2018 ESMA32-61-270 Letter to EFRAG on IASB ED on proposed amendments to IAS 8 Letter PDF
839.37 KB
18/07/2017 ESMA32-61-179 Letter to EFRAG on IASB exposure draft improvements to IFRS 8 operating segments , Letter PDF
212.64 KB
17/09/2012 2012/548 Letter to EFRAG on IASB's ED "Improvements to IFRSs" Letter PDF
70.87 KB
17/07/2019 ESMA32-61-359 Letter to EFRAG on IASBF Exposure Draft on proposed amendments to the due process handbook , Letter PDF
355.64 KB
16/10/2014 2104/1255 Letter to EFRAG on the Discussion Paper Accounting for dynamic risk management Letter PDF
109.97 KB
14/03/2014 2014/274 Letter to EFRAG on the ED Annual Improvements to IFRSs 2012 2014 Cycle Letter PDF
238.31 KB
17/09/2014 2014/1157 Letter to EFRAG on the ED- Investment Entities Applying the Consolidation Exception Letter PDF
72.01 KB
11/09/2012 2012/543 Letter to EFRAG on the IASB draft interpretation Levies Charged by Public Authorities on Entities that Operate in a Specific Market Letter PDF
88.21 KB