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ESMA70-449-672 Call for Evidence on pre-hedging Market Abuse, Market Integrity Reference DOWNLOAD 245.25 KB
ESMA70-449-674 Response form call for evidence pre-hedging Market Abuse, Market Integrity Reference DOWNLOAD 752.93 KB
JC 2022 35 Joint ESAs Report on the extent of voluntary disclosures of PAI under SFDR Sustainable finance Report DOWNLOAD 429.58 KB
C 2022 1931 SFDR Templates Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 737.11 KB
ESMA70-708036281-113 Third-country markets considered as equivalent to a regulated market under EMIR Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 68.9 KB
ESMA24-436-1333 ESMA Opinion on 2020 Discharge Report Board of Supervisors, About ESMA Opinion DOWNLOAD 103.55 KB
BoA-D-2022-01 Board of Appeal of the ESAs - Decision on C vs EBA Board of Appeal Decision DOWNLOAD 790.75 KB
ESMA71-99-1986 Press Release - ESMA finds NCAs' scrutiny and approval of prospectuses satisfactory Press Releases, Prospectus Press Release DOWNLOAD 110.6 KB
ESMA42-111-7170 Final Report - Prospectus Peer Review Prospectus Final Report DOWNLOAD 2.01 MB
ESMA35-36-2621 Final report EBA-ESMA on SREP guidelines under IFD Investor protection Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.43 MB
SSR sanctions Administrative measures and sanctions applicable in Member States to infringements of the Short Selling Regulation (SSR) Short Selling Reference DOWNLOAD 372.65 KB
ESMA50-164-2193 TRV Article_Key Retail Risk Indicators for the EU single market Investor protection, Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 428.33 KB
ESMA35-43-3020 Joint compliance table on ESMA and EBA guidelines on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 320.25 KB
JC 2022 30 Joint Committee's Rules of Procedures Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 654.7 KB
ESMA91-372-2064 2021 Peer review of EU CCP supervision CCP Final Report DOWNLOAD 503.8 KB
ESMA81-459-65 Working Group on Euro Risk-Free Rates - 17 June 2022 Meeting Minutes Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 3.32 MB
ESMA40-134-2458 Conflict of interests and ethics policy - ESMA staff Careers, About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 3.5 MB
ESMA40-134-3263 Decision on Conflict of Interest Policy for Non-Staff Management Board Decision DOWNLOAD 169.2 KB
ESMA80-196-6345 Final Report on the Revision to Guidelines and Recommendations on the Scope of the CRA Regulation Credit Rating Agencies, Guidelines and Technical standards Final Report DOWNLOAD 411.44 KB
ESMA91-372-2274 Klaus Löber speech at FIA Forum: Frankfurt 2022, 12 July 2022 CCP, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 137.96 KB