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09/02/2022 ESMA50-164-5533 Keynote Speech - Verena Ross - Keeping on track in an evolving digital world Innovation and Digital, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 195.47 KB
09/02/2022 ESMA65-8-5014 FIRDS - Instructions on access and download of full and delta reference data files Market data Reference DOWNLOAD 166.09 KB
09/02/2022 ESMA22-106-3798 Summary of Conclusions Management Board - 14 December 2021 Management Board Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 89.31 KB
09/02/2022 ESMA63-43-2186 ESMA budget 2022 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 269.65 KB
08/02/2022 Investment recommendations Investment recommendations Reference DOWNLOAD 1.89 MB
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08/02/2022 ESMA22-106-3791 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 15 December 2021 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 147.13 KB
07/02/2022 ESMA50-164-5411 Digital finance related issues – Survey to NCAs Innovation and Digital Report DOWNLOAD 291.04 KB
07/02/2022 ESMA50-164-5410 Report on Call for evidence on Digital Finance Innovation and Digital Report DOWNLOAD 281.83 KB
07/02/2022 ESA 2022 01 Joint ESA response to the EU Commission on Digital Finance Innovation and Digital, Joint Committee Report DOWNLOAD 2.57 MB
04/02/2022 ESMA32-67-802 Compliance table on the Guidelines on the enforcement of financial information Guidelines and Technical standards, Transparency Compliance table DOWNLOAD 135.55 KB
04/02/2022 Newsletter ESMA Newsletter December 2021 & January 2022 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 11.29 MB
04/02/2022 ESMA65-8-9387 FIRDS Reference Data XML Schema v1.2.0 Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 46.52 KB
03/02/2022 ESMA50-165-1948 EU Alternative Investment Funds - 2022 Statistical Report Fund Management, Market data, Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.46 MB
03/02/2022 ESMA80-416-250 Call For Evidence on Market Characteristics for ESG Rating Providers in the EU Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 258.32 KB
03/02/2022 ESMA71-99-1819 ESMA launches its new STS register Securitisation Press Release DOWNLOAD 82.51 KB
02/02/2022 ESMA35-43-2900 Supervisory briefing in relation to firms using tied agents in the MiFID II framework Investor protection Reference DOWNLOAD 198.53 KB
01/02/2022 ESMA70-451-110 Letter to the EC - Clearing obligation for PSAs Post Trading Letter DOWNLOAD 306.49 KB
01/02/2022 JC 2021 95 List of Financial Conglomerates 2021 Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 420.9 KB
01/02/2022 ESMA35-43-2183 Compliance table - Guidelines for the assessment of knowledge and competence (ESMA/2015/1886) Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 161.56 KB
01/02/2022 ESMA35-43-1968 Compliance table - Guidelines on cross-selling practices (ESMA/2016/574) Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 159.78 KB