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30/12/2003 03-514 Press release- Preparing for the Implementation of Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Press Release PDF
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CESR publishes today its recommendation for regulators on how listed companies can effectively manage the communication of the financial impact of transitioning to international accounting standards in 2005. CESR considers it essential that the transition must be carefully monitored by regulators to ensure that every company continues to meet its reporting requirements and that investors are able to understand the effect of the new reporting standards on the financial position of listed companies. European companies whose securities are traded on a regulated market will be required by the European Regulation n
08/01/2004 03-528 Press release- CESR submits to the European Commission its final advice on the content of Prospectus and dissemination of advertisements Press Release PDF
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CESR submits its final (and third) package of advice on the Prospectus Directive to the European Commission. The advice follows a consultation by CESR with market participants on the minimum information to be provided in a prospectus, with special reference to the historical financial information to be included in a prospectus and on the dissemination of advertisements. CESR
08/01/2004 04-008b Press release- First achievement of the Lamfalussy process: A robust European regime against market abuse Press Release PDF
81.75 KB
CESR welcomes the adoption by the European Commission of the first set of level 2 legislation to establish Europe
20/01/2004 04-022 Press release- CESR starts work on EU Commission provisional mandates on the new Investment Services Directive- the Financial Instruments Markets (FIM) Directive and Call for Evidence Press Release PDF
132.01 KB
The European Commission published today its first set of provisional mandates requesting CESR
03/03/2004 03-396 CESR Annual Report for 2003 Annual Report PDF
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CESR presents its Annual Report for 2003 to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Ecofin Council. The Annual Report provides a thorough overview of the work of CESR and sets out our work plan for 2004. The report includes an explanation of the institutional framework within which CESR works and comments on the market trends of 2003. It also includes a chapter on each working group established within CESR and outlines the key points and progress made under each area. Looking to 2004, the annual report sets out the main priorities and indicates when various projects identified are expected to take place.
04/03/2004 04-060 Press release- CESR starts work on Guidelines for the Consistent Implmentation of the Proposed Commission's Regulation on Prospectus. Press Release PDF
90.91 KB
CESR announces today the launch of work to prepare guidance on disclosure requirements established under the proposed Prospectus Regulation. The Prospectus Directive and accompanying Regulation establishes a harmonised format for Prospectus in Europe and enables companies to use this Prospectus to list on all European markets without having to re-apply for approval from the local regulator and by so doing help companies avoid the inherent delays and costs that this may involve. As a result of this new legislation, consumers can also be assured of more consistent and standardised information which will enable them to compare more effectively the various share offers available from a wider number of European listed companies. This is likely to lead to a greater range of products available to consumers and will encourage European companies to list and offer on a number of exchanges or markets due to the strengthening and simplification of the regulatory regime.
04/03/2004 04-093 Press release- CESR develops its approach to review implementation of CESR Standards Press Release PDF
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06/04/2004 04-168 Press release- CESR proposes how to ensure consistent application of EU legislation (Level 3 under the Lamfalussy process) Press Release PDF
123.9 KB
CESR launches today a consultation paper (Ref. CESR/04-104b) seeking to engage market participants, consumers and end-users of financial services regulation in a discussion to establish how regulators can fully play their part in ensuring firstly, that there is greater consistency across Europe in the process of implementation (where CESR Members contribute towards the local transposition of European financial services legislation in their Member States), and secondly, to ensure greater EU-wide convergence through the application of this legislation (that is undertaken on a day-to-day basis through the exercise of their supervisory tasks).
06/04/2004 04-165 Press release- CESR announces the re-appointment of CESR’s Secretary General for a further 3 year term and the nomination of Chairmen to lead CESR’s work on Investment Management and the Transparency Directive. Press Release PDF
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22/04/2004 04-157 Press release- Standard No. 2 on Financial Information- Co-ordination of enforcement activities Press Release PDF
81.45 KB
CESR releases today the standard on the organisation of greater co-ordination of enforcement activities by supervisors of financial information in Europe
03/05/2004 04-203 Press release- CESR welcomes new members from the ten EU Accession Countries Press Release PDF
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03/05/2004 04-207 Summary of the responsibilities of the new authorities joining CESR. Annex to Press Release ref:CESR/04-203 Press Release PDF
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26/05/2004 04-278 Press release- CESR and SEC announce enchanced cooperation and collaboration Press Release PDF
49.85 KB
A joint press conference will take place in Amsterdam on 4 June 2004 at the Hotel The Grand (Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 Amsterdam) between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. at which CESR Chairman, Arthur Docters van Leeuwen and SEC Commissioner, Roel C. Campos will present the terms of reference. THe press conference is open to accredited press only. To register plese e-mail the CESR Secretariat at by 12 p.m. CET on Wednesday 2 June 2004.
03/06/2004 04-286 Press release- CEBS, CEIOPS and CESR welcome the political agreement on the Directive establishing a new structure for EU committees on financial services Press Release PDF
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04/06/2004 04-285 Press release- SEC-CESR sets out the shape of future collaboration Press Release PDF
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09/06/2004 04-267b Press release- CESR starts work on its agenda for Investment Management Press Release PDF
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17/06/2004 04-300 Press release- CESR begins its first Consultation on its Draft Advice to the European Commission on the new Investment Services Directive Press Release PDF
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24/06/2004 04-310 Press release- CESR consults on recommendations for the consistent implementation of the EU regulation on Prospectus Press Release PDF
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25/06/2004 04-325 Press release- Co-ordinating enforcement of Financial Information- Guidance for implementation of co-ordination mechanisms Press Release PDF
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29/06/2004 04-326 Press release- CESR begins work on implementing measures to establish equivalence between certain third countries’ application of GAAP and IAS/IFRS and launches a call for evidence Press Release PDF
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