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29/05/2007 07-316 Feedback statement- CESR Level 3 Recommendations on Inducements under MiFID CESR Document PDF
151.26 KB
02/08/2006 06-287b Feedback statement- CESR Mediation Mechanism CESR Document PDF
172.93 KB
03/11/2005 05-548 Feedback statement- CESR Recommendation on Alternative Performance Measures CESR Document PDF
83.5 KB
01/07/2003 03-209 Feedback Statement- CESR sends to the European Commission its Final Advice on Disclosure Obligations for listed and issuing companies CESR Document PDF
388.26 KB
19/11/2008 08-712 Feedback statement- CESR statement on Fair value measurement and related disclosures of financial instruments in illiquid markets CESR Document PDF
182.16 KB
01/10/2003 03-301 Feedback Statement- CESR submits final advice on the content and format of Prospectus CESR Document PDF
220.36 KB
22/10/2010 10-1045 Feedback Statement- CESR Technical Advice to the European Commission in the context of the MiFID Review – Client categorisation CESR Document PDF
253.56 KB
29/07/2010 10-796 Feedback statement- CESR Technical Advice to the European Commission in the context of the MiFID Review – Transaction Reporting CESR Document PDF
172.69 KB
06/09/2010 10-918 Feedback statement- CESR Technical Advice to the European Commission in the context of the MiFID Review –Investor Protection and Intermediaries CESR Document PDF
376.25 KB
27/10/2005 05-583 Feedback statement- CESR's Consultation on a possible amendment to Regulation (EC) 809/2004 regarding the historical financial information which must be included in a prospectus CESR Document PDF
108.8 KB
09/02/2007 07-086 Feedback statement- CESR's Level 3 Guidelines and recommendations on Publication and Consolidation of markets data CESR Document PDF
109.6 KB
09/02/2007 07-085 Feedback statement- CESR's Level 3 Recommendations on the List of minimum records under Article 51(3) of the MiFID Implementing Directive CESR Document PDF
112.65 KB
26/01/2006 06-013 Feedback statement- CESR’s Advice to the European Commission on Clarification of Definitions concerning Eligible Assets for Investments of UCITS CESR Document PDF
301.15 KB
10/02/2005 05-055b Feedback statement- CESR’s consultation for the consistent implementation of the European Commission’s Regulation on Prospectuses nº 809/2004 CESR Document PDF
226.56 KB
21/10/2009 09-822a Feedback statement- CESR’s consultation on CRAs Central Repository CESR Document PDF
198.05 KB
13/09/2010 10-1018 Feedback statement- CESR’s Consultation on Guidance on Common Standards for Assessment of Compliance of Credit Rating Methodologies with the Requirements set out in Article 8.3 CESR Document PDF
162.66 KB
04/06/2010 10-346 Feedback statement- CESR’s consultation on Registration process, Functioning of Colleges, Mediation Protocol, Information set out in Annex II, Information set for the application for Certification and for the assessment of CRAs systemic importance CESR Document PDF
253.51 KB
15/02/2008 08-035 Feedback statement- CESR’s consultation on the content and form of Key Information Document disclosures for UCITS CESR Document PDF
349 KB
13/09/2010 10-1016 Feedback statement- CESR’s Guidance on the enforcement practices and activities to be conducted under Article 21.3(a) of the Regulation CESR Document PDF
165.25 KB
19/05/2010 10-545 Feedback statement- CESR’s Guidelines on a common definition of European money market funds CESR Document PDF
232.46 KB