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11/04/2022 ESMA22-440-241 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the first quarter 2022 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 122.1 KB
11/04/2022 ESMA63-43-2219 ESMA Budget Amendment n.1 for 2022 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 271.3 KB
11/04/2022 ESMA70-447-1897 CSDR Settlement Fails Reporting - List of SSS IDs and SSS Names Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 31.1 KB
08/04/2022 ESMA81-459-57 Working group on euro risk-free rates - 2 March 2022 minutes Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 969.61 KB
08/04/2022 ESMA50-164-5749 Speech Verena Ross_Launch of the EU Digital Finance Platfrom Innovation and Digital, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 96.04 KB
06/04/2022 ESMA22-106-3912 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 11 March 2022 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 83.59 KB
06/04/2022 ESMA22-106-3911 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 3 March 2022 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 87.45 KB
05/04/2022 ESMA91-372-2125 Letter Chair ESMA response to EC consultation on targeted EMIR Review CCP Directorate, Post Trading Letter DOWNLOAD 309.82 KB
05/04/2022 ESMA71-99-1924 ESG funds provided better returns for investors in 2020 Fund Management Press Release DOWNLOAD 106.93 KB
05/04/2022 ESMA 50-165-1677 ESMA annual statistical report on performance and costs of retail investment products in the EU - 2022 Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 2.08 MB
04/04/2022 ESMA70-448-10 Final Report - Short Selling Regulation Review Short Selling Final Report DOWNLOAD 749.55 KB
04/04/2022 Newsletter ESMA Newsletter March 2022 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 7.07 MB
04/04/2022 ESMA30-379-1022 Call for candidates on Consultative Working Group of ESMA’s Coordination Network on Sustainability (CNS) Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 161.67 KB
01/04/2022 ESMA32-51-370 Q&A on ESMA Guidelines on Alternative Performance Measures Issuer disclosure, About ESMA Q&A DOWNLOAD 987.02 KB
01/04/2022 ESMA74-47-607 EMIR_and_SFTR_dq_report Market data, Supervisory convergence Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.53 MB
31/03/2022 ESMA81-459-52 Call for expression of interest issued towards administrators developing €STR-based forward-looking term structure as a fallback in EURIBOR-linked contracts Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 109.81 KB
31/03/2022 MoU for the United Arab Emirates Memorandum of Understanding Related to ESMA’s Monitoring of the Ongoing Compliance with Recognition Conditions by CCPs established in the United Arab Emirates and supervised by the Securities and Commodities Authority CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 240.18 KB
31/03/2022 ESMA42-111-6889 Follow-up to GLEFI Peer Review Report Issuer disclosure, Financial reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 429.7 KB
31/03/2022 ESMA35-36-2537 Final Report on Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II remuneration requirements Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Final Report DOWNLOAD 475.42 KB
30/03/2022 ESMA70-155-6641 Opinion on the assessment of pre-trade transparency waivers Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 348.55 KB