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15/06/2022 ESMA22-439-962 2021 Annual Report Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, Management Board, About ESMA Annual Report DOWNLOAD 10.64 MB
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10/06/2022 ESMA70-451-164 Final report on the Clearing Obligation (intragroups) 2022 Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 437 KB
10/06/2022 ESA 2022 13 Final Report - Bilateral margin amendments (intragroup) 2022 Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 402.02 KB
10/06/2022 ESA_2022_20_ EMIR_RTS_amendments_Intragroup_contracts_Statement 2022 Post Trading Statement DOWNLOAD 26.48 KB
09/06/2022 ESMA24-442-86 Verena Ross Speech at ICMA AGM, 9 June 2022 Trading, Speeches, Sustainable finance Speech DOWNLOAD 154.69 KB
09/06/2022 ESMA 50-165-2153 ESMA Trends, Risks and Vulnerabilities report - Risk update Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 340.8 KB
08/06/2022 ESMA22-106-3869 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 3 February 2022 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 207.92 KB
07/06/2022 Newsletter ESMA Newsletter May 2022 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 8.52 MB
07/06/2022 ESMA81-393-477 Compliance table on Guidelines on methodology oversight function and record keeping requirements Benchmarks, Guidelines and Technical standards Compliance table DOWNLOAD 195.01 KB
03/06/2022 ESMA70-451-114 Final report on the Review of the Commodity Derivative Clearing Threshold under EMIR Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 979.44 KB
02/06/2022 ESMA70-156-5011 Final Report on CSDR RTS on Settlement Discipline – Suspension of buy-in Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 360.7 KB
02/06/2022 JC 2022 23 Clarifications on the ESAs' draft RTS under SFDR Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Statement DOWNLOAD 306.38 KB
01/06/2022 ESMA70-445-442 Verena Ross FESE Convention Speech, 1 June 2022 Innovation and Digital, Trading, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 217.79 KB
01/06/2022 ESA 2022 23 Joint ESA report on the withdrawal of authorisation for serious breaches of AML/CFT rules Joint Committee Report DOWNLOAD 776.21 KB
01/06/2022 ESMA50-164-770 Links to national websites where net short positions in shares are disclosed Short Selling Reference DOWNLOAD 97.14 KB
01/06/2022 ESMA50-164-6024 EFIF Summary of the May 2022 meeting Joint Committee Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 120.97 KB
01/06/2022 Joint Committee Innovation Facilitators in the EU Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 370.93 KB
31/05/2022 ESMA34-466-284 Key priorities for EU retail fund investors - Verena Ross at the Irish Funds Annual Conference Fund Management, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 119.43 KB
31/05/2022 ESMA71-99-1959 ESMA reports on supervision of costs and fees in investment funds Fund Management, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 93.24 KB
31/05/2022 ESMA34-45-1673 Final report - On the 2021 CSA on costs and fees Fund Management Final Report DOWNLOAD 243.65 KB