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25/05/2023 JC 2023 15 Consultation Paper on draft implementing technical standards amending the mapping of ECAIs’ credit assessments Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 597.06 KB
25/05/2023 ESMA35-36-2813 Statement on investment firms providing unregulated services Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 361.75 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA22-106-4162 SMSG Rules of Procedure Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Decision DOWNLOAD 227.67 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA64-1678896832-810 Privacy statement - recruitment at ESMA Careers Reference DOWNLOAD 158.4 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA70-156-6458 Final Report on market outages Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 628.52 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA34-45-1802 Final report on the 2022 CSA on valuation Fund Management Final Report DOWNLOAD 340.11 KB
23/05/2023 JC 2023 06 Joint Committee Annual Report 2022 Joint Committee Annual Report DOWNLOAD 348.04 KB
23/05/2023 ESMA34-1300023242-124 Consultation Paper on the draft regulatory technical standards under the revised ELTIF Regulation Fund Management Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 844.96 KB
22/05/2023 ESMA81-1071567537-92 Working Group on Euro Risk-Free Rates - 3 April 2023 meeting minutes Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 1.43 MB
17/05/2023 ESMA50-164-5210 Compliance table on Guidelines on outsourcing to cloud service providers Guidelines and Technical standards, Digital Finance and Innovation Compliance table DOWNLOAD 193.06 KB
17/05/2023 ESMA34-45-1445 Compliance table on Guidelines on marketing communications under the Regulation on the cross-border distribution of funds Fund Management, Guidelines and Technical standards Compliance table DOWNLOAD 218.1 KB
17/05/2023 JC 2023 22 Consolidated Q&As on the PRIIPs Key Information Document Fund Management, Joint Committee Q&A DOWNLOAD 958.95 KB
17/05/2023 JC 2023 18 Consolidated Q&A on the SFDR Joint Committee, Sustainable finance Q&A DOWNLOAD 1002.59 KB
17/05/2023 ESMA71-545613100-2315 ESMA calls for legislative amendments to prevent undue costs in funds - Press Release Fund Management, Investor protection, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 168.56 KB
17/05/2023 ESMA34-45-1747 Opinion on undue costs of UCITS and AIFs Fund Management, Investor protection Opinion DOWNLOAD 497.69 KB
17/05/2023 ESMA71-545613100-2315 ESMA appoints a new member and reappoints two members to its Management Board About ESMA, Management Board, Press Releases Press Release DOWNLOAD 149.05 KB
15/05/2023 ESMA63-1678099970-684 Procurement plan overview Procurement Reference DOWNLOAD 38.96 KB
12/05/2023 ESMA22-1669215091-5252 Summary of conclusions Board of Supervisors - 22-23 March 2023 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 348.32 KB
12/05/2023 ESMA50-165-2483 TRV Article - EU natural gas derivatives markets: risks and trends Market data, Risk monitoring, Trading Report DOWNLOAD 595.05 KB
11/05/2023 ESMA Newsletter Newsletter April 2023 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 7.71 MB