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20/12/2017 ESMA33-5-209 CRA Market Share Calculation 2017 Credit Rating Agencies Report DOWNLOAD 1012.23 KB
20/12/2017 ESMA32-63-413 Letter to IFRS IC on voluntary tax payments Financial reporting Letter DOWNLOAD 139.2 KB
20/12/2017 ESMA65-8-5257 Instructions on download and use of double volume cap results files Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 238.39 KB
20/12/2017 ESMA70-145-401 ESMA statement for smooth implementation of LEI Trading Statement DOWNLOAD 134.04 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA33-128-108 response form Response form - Consultation Paper Third-Party Firm STS Verification Application Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 766.9 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA33-128-33 response form Response form - Consultation Paper STS notification Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 766.04 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA33-128-107 response form Response form - Consultation Paper on disclosure and operational standards Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 771.94 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA70-156-185 Template for reporting circuit breakers parameters to ESMA Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 41.46 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA70-156-181 Procedure for reporting of circuit breakers’ parameters by NCAs to ESMA Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 462.58 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA71-99-916 ESMA consults on securitisation requirements Press Releases, Securitisation Press Release DOWNLOAD 150.34 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA33-128-108 Consultation_Paper_Third-Party_Firm_STS_Verification_Application Securitisation Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 586.89 KB
19/12/2017 ESMA33-128-107 Consultation_Paper_Disclosure_and_Operational_Standards Securitisation Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 2.66 MB
19/12/2017 ESMA33-128-33 Consultation_Paper_STS notification Securitisation Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 1.01 MB
18/12/2017 ESMA65-8-5306 Benchmarks attributes Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 229.87 KB
18/12/2017 ESMA 71-99-670 New rules make EU issuers’ annual financial reports machine-readable Electronic reporting Press Release DOWNLOAD 218.36 KB
18/12/2017 ESMA32-60-204 Final report on the RTS on the European Single Electronic Format Electronic reporting Final Report DOWNLOAD 6.37 MB
18/12/2017 ESMA 71-99-671 Briefing note - Preparing for 2020: ESEF field tests and reporting manual Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 339.06 KB
17/12/2017 ESMA22-106-482 Summary of Conclusions Board of Supervisors Meeting 7 November 2017 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 383.32 KB
15/12/2017 ESMA71-99-910 Statement on preparatory work of the European Securities and Markets Authority in relation to CFDs and binary options offered to retail clients Investor protection, Warnings and publications for investors Statement DOWNLOAD 209.47 KB
15/12/2017 ESMA70-155-1535 Opinion on position limits on ICE Brent Crude contracts Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 536.77 KB