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18/10/2018 ESMA 50-165-670 Annual statistical report of the EU Derivatives Markets - 2018 Risk monitoring Report DOWNLOAD 1.37 MB
15/10/2018 ESMA31-62-1114 2017 Report on EEA prospectus activity Prospectus Final Report DOWNLOAD 385.45 KB
12/10/2018 ESMA71-99-1051 Financial Technology: ESMA’s Approach - Speech at the 4th Luxembourg FinTech Conference Innovation and Digital Speech DOWNLOAD 310.13 KB
11/10/2018 ESMA70-155-5905 Delegation_from_the_BoardofSupervisors_opinions on third country TV_PositionLimits Board of Supervisors, Trading Decision DOWNLOAD 222.28 KB
11/10/2018 ESMA70-155-5775 Delegation third country TV post trade transparency Board of Supervisors, Trading Decision DOWNLOAD 219.76 KB
08/10/2018 ESMA22-105-587 Annex to the Statement for ECON Hearing on 8 October 2018 About ESMA Statement DOWNLOAD 841.11 KB
08/10/2018 ESMA22-105-588 Opening Statement for ECON Hearing on 8 October 2018 About ESMA Statement DOWNLOAD 439.31 KB
05/10/2018 ESMA70-155-2938 Opinion on position limits on Swiss Power Base contracts Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 350.53 KB
05/10/2018 ESMA70-155-1538 Opinion on position limits on UK Natural Gas contracts Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 479.8 KB
05/10/2018 ESMA70-155-2931 Opinion on position limits on Phelix DE/AT Base Power contract Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 530.49 KB
03/10/2018 ESMA70-154-803 BoS Decision Notice AT Guidelines Withdrawal Guidelines and Technical standards, Trading Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 512.94 KB
03/10/2018 ESMA22-106-1066 Summary of Conclusions Board of Supervisors meeting 11 July 2018 Board of Supervisors Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 432.61 KB
03/10/2018 ESMA70-156-787 WFE_Speech_Steven Maijoor Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 185.2 KB
03/10/2018 ESMA71-99-1046 WP 2019 Press Release Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, About ESMA Press Release DOWNLOAD 282.94 KB
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03/10/2018 ESMA20-95-933 2019 Work Programme Board of Supervisors, About ESMA, About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 470.98 KB
02/10/2018 ESMA70-154-884 Opinion on the ancillary activity calculations Trading Opinion DOWNLOAD 0 bytes
01/10/2018 ESMA70-156-236 Letter to the Commission on MiFID II third country regime Investor protection Letter DOWNLOAD 152.92 KB
01/10/2018 ESMA35-36-1442 IPISC UK withdrawal from the EU Letter Investor protection Letter DOWNLOAD 234.85 KB
01/10/2018 ESMA35-43-1391 Notice of ESMA’s Product Intervention Renewal Decision in relation to binary options Investor protection Reference DOWNLOAD 98.36 KB
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28/09/2018 RPMMF Response form for consultation on MMF stress testing guidelines Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 770.87 KB