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02/07/2010 10-673 Guidelines- Methodology for the calculation of the synthetic risk and reward indicator in the Key Investor Information Document CESR Document PDF
191.76 KB
02/07/2010 10-674 Guidelines- Methodology for calculation of the ongoing charges figure in the Key Investor Information Document CESR Document PDF
106.22 KB
17/07/2007 07-434 Guidelines- Level 3 guidelines on the classification of hedge fund indices as financial indice CESR Document PDF
86.92 KB
04/06/2010 10-331 Guidelines- Implementation of the Central Repository (CEREP) CESR Document PDF
185.24 KB
19/05/2010 10/049 Guidelines- Common definition of European money market funds CESR Document PDF
206.83 KB
29/05/2007 07-301 Guidelines- CESR Level 3 Guidelines on MiFID Transaction reporting CESR Document PDF
84.97 KB
24/09/2008 3L3 19/09 M&A Guidelines for the prudential assessment of Mergers and Acquisitions- slides presented at the open hearing on 19 September 2008 CESR Document PDF
237.02 KB
18/12/2008 08-543b Guidelines for the prudential assessment of acquisitions and increases in holdings in the financial sector required by Directive 2007/44/EC CESR Document PDF
244.83 KB
25/06/2004 04-257 Guidelines for Implementation of Co-ordination of Enforcment of Financial Information CESR Document PDF
96.76 KB
08/10/2010 10-661 Guidance to report transactions on OTC derivative instruments CESR Document PDF
703.48 KB
28/10/2004 04-257b Guidance for Implementation of Coordination of Enforcement Activities CESR Document PDF
95.53 KB
28/10/2004 04-447 Guidance for Implementation of Co-ordination of Enforcement of Financial Information- Feedback statement CESR Document PDF
89.45 KB
05/07/2005 05-395 Feedback Statment- Technical advice on equivalence of certain third country GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards CESR Document PDF
322.97 KB
19/04/2010 10-294 Feedback statement- Understanding the definition of advice under MiFID CESR Document PDF
435.68 KB
21/12/2010 10-1351 Feedback statement- Transaction Reporting on OTC Derivatives and Extension of the Scope of Transaction Reporting Obligations CESR Document PDF
93.89 KB
29/05/2007 07-318 Feedback statement- The passport under MiFID CESR Document PDF
118.71 KB
05/07/2006 06-293 Feedback statement- Storage of regulated information and filing of regulated information CESR Document PDF
94.11 KB
27/02/2009 09-100 Feedback statement- Risk management principles for UCITS CESR Document PDF
148.98 KB
29/05/2007 07-321 Feedback statement- Q&A on Best Execution CESR Document PDF
130.66 KB
12/07/2007 07-402 Feedback statement- MAD Level 3 – second set of CESR guidance and information on the common operation of the Directive to the market CESR Document PDF
136.52 KB