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16/01/2023 MoU Malaysia Memorandum of Understanding Related to ESMA’s Monitoring of the Ongoing Compliance with Recognition Conditions by CCPs established in Malaysia and supervised by the Securities Commission Malaysia CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 185.19 KB
16/01/2023 MoU Taiwan Memorandum of Understanding between ESMA and Financial Supervisory Commission, Taiwan Related to CCPs Established in Taiwan CCP Directorate Reference DOWNLOAD 211.09 KB
16/01/2023 ESMA70-152-348 List of third-country CCPs recognised to offer services and activities in the Union CCP Directorate, Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 515.69 KB
13/01/2023 ESAs DORA event programme Joint ESAs public event on DORA - programme Innovation and Digital, Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 194.98 KB
12/01/2023 ESMA22-106-4389 Advice on the SMSG’s role in the Breach of EU Law Procedure Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group SMSG Advice DOWNLOAD 191.55 KB
12/01/2023 JC 2022 81 Joint Thematic Report on national financial education initiatives on digitalization Joint Committee, Investor protection Report DOWNLOAD 364.38 KB
11/01/2023 ESMA70-155-11635 CSD Register Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 1.18 MB
11/01/2023 ESMA70-449-741 Compliance table on Guidelines on delay in the disclosure of inside information and interactions with prudential supervision Guidelines and Technical standards, Market Abuse Compliance table DOWNLOAD 188.27 KB
11/01/2023 Register of crowdfunding services providers Register of crowdfunding services providers Crowdfunding Reference DOWNLOAD 64.07 KB
10/01/2023 ESMA22-440-263 ESMA Staff Stakeholder contacts in the fourth quarter 2022 About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 94.34 KB
06/01/2023 2013/1358 AIFMD reporting IT technical guidance (rev 5) [updated] Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 450.99 KB
Related documents

The IT technical guidance (2013/1358) contains the following set of documents:

  • IT technical guidance in which is included the description of changes performed on the technical guidance and/or XSD documents in sheet “change history”,
  • XML samples for AIFM and AIF reports,
  • Excel version of Annex III – “Table of geographical areas”,
  • Excel version of Annex II – Tables 1-10,
  • Current version of XSD documents (Version 1.2)

Questions regarding technical support should be sent to Each AIFM should contact directly the national competent authorities to know how the filling of the XML reports will be handled at national level.


Rev 4 publication

The IT technical guidance revision 4 is currently applicable until November 2023 when revision 5 becomes applicable. Exact date will be published at a later stage.

The current IT technical guidance revision 4 contains modifications on the IT technical guidance to take into account the last published version of Questions and Answers (Q&A) on the application of the AIFMD (2014/868) as well as some clarifications and correction of inconsistencies with XSD documents.”


Rev 5 publication

The IT technical guidance revision 5 will be applicable from November 2023 onwards. Exact date will be published at a later stage.

The new IT technical guidance revision 5 introduces new validation rules making more fields mandatory or with stricter rules to improve data quality. The new changes are specified in the tab ‘change history’ of the excel document. Reporting entities should use the version revision 5 to submit reports required under Articles 3(3)(d) and 24(1), (2) and (4) of AIFMD by November 2023. The reference period for the first reporting is Y1,H2,Q4 or X2 2023.

Translated versions
04/01/2023 ESMA70-155-3832 List of trading venues benefiting from a transitional exemption from the access provisions under Article 36(5) of MiFIR Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 114.19 KB
03/01/2023 ESMA35-43-3327 Compliance table on Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II appropriateness and execution only requirements Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Compliance table DOWNLOAD 267.85 KB
03/01/2023 ESMA34-46-101 Register of authorised European long-term investment funds (ELTIFs) Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 38.58 KB
03/01/2023 ESMA iBox ESMA Visitor Handbook About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 995.29 KB
22/12/2022 ESMA32-60-887 ESEF Taxonomy 2022 Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 13.63 MB
22/12/2022 ESMA32-60-890 ESEF Taxonomy Validation Rules 2022 Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 198.94 KB
22/12/2022 ESMA32-60-891 ESEF Taxonomy 2022 Architecture Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 54.88 KB
22/12/2022 ESMA32-60-792 ESEF XBRL Taxonomy Documentation 2022 Electronic reporting Reference DOWNLOAD 294.45 KB
22/12/2022 JC 2022 71 List of identified Financial Conglomerates - 2022 Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 197.27 KB