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21/10/2008 08-839 Joint statement from CESR, CEBS and CEIOPS Regarding the latest developments in accounting Statement PDF
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18/12/2017 ESMA 71-99-670 New rules make EU issuers’ annual financial reports machine-readable Press Release PDF
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07/03/2017 ESMA50-1623096732-432 Opening remarks Financial Innovation Day Statement PDF
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31/07/2014 2014/944 Potential Risks Associated with Investing in Contingent Convertible Instruments , Statement PDF
106.1 KB
The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) is issuing this statement to clarify to institutional investors risks from a newly emerging asset class referred to by most market participants as contingent convertibles instruments (CoCos). If they work as intended in a crisis CoCos will play an important role to inhibit risk transfer from debt holders to taxpayers. They along with standards to improve the quality and quantity of bank capital reflect a considerate response to the former regulatory capital framework. However, it is unclear as to whether investors fully consider the risks of CoCos and correctly factor those risks into their valuation. ESMA believes there are specific risks to CoCos and that investors should take those risks into consideration prior to investing in these instruments.
13/11/2017 ESMA71-99-649 Press Release ICO Statements , , Press Release PDF
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22/09/2010 3L3 22-09-10 PR Press release- 3L3 Committees welcome European Parliament landmark vote to reform financial supervision in Europe Press Release PDF
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31/03/2005 05-232 Press release- A delegation of members of the European Parliament visits CESR Press Release PDF
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28/05/2008 08-454 Press release- A delegation of members of the European Parliament visits CESR Press Release PDF
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17/01/2001 01-002 Press release- A European Passport for Issuers, A Report for the EU Commission Press Release PDF
35.63 KB
In the frame of the Financial Services Action Plan, FESCO has issued a report for the EU Commission containing proposals to improve cross border offering. The proposals in this paper would deliver the objective of home State control of the prospectus for cross-border offerings while, at the same time, maintaining appropriate protection for investors.
19/06/2001 01-095 Press release- Agreement on the Charter of the Committee of European Securities Regulators Press Release PDF
33.92 KB
Following the conclusions of the Lamffalussy report, the Resolutions of the European Parliament, and the recent Decision of the European Commission, the members of FESCO have agreed on a draft charter defining the operational arrangements of the Committee Securities Regulators. The Charter is attached to the Press Release.
03/11/2005 05-663 Press release- Alternative performance measures to ensure best practice by companies in the information prepared for investors Press Release PDF
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22/10/2004 04-547 Press release- Approval of the report entitled “Standards for securities clearing and settlement in the European Union” by the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) Press Release PDF
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24/11/2005 05-718 Press release- Banking, insurance and securities supervisors enhance EU-wide co-operation Press Release PDF
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16/10/2007 07-719 Press release- Carlo Comporti is elected as CESR’s next Secretary General Press Release PDF
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03/06/2004 04-286 Press release- CEBS, CEIOPS and CESR welcome the political agreement on the Directive establishing a new structure for EU committees on financial services Press Release PDF
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18/12/2008 3L3 18/12/09 MA Press release- CEBS, CEIOPS and CESR’S Joint Guidelines for the assessment of Mergers and Aquisitions Press Release PDF
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17/07/2007 07-489 Press release- CESR adopts common supervisory approaches concerning the classification of hedge fund indices as financial indices for the purposes of the UCITS Directive Press Release PDF
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08/07/2002 02-117 Press release- CESR adopts Final Standards for Alternative Trading Systems and Final Conduct of Business Rules to protect Retail and Professional Investors in Europe Press Release PDF
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During its fourth meeting in Copenhagen on June 11 and 12, 2002, CESR agreed on common European Standards for Alternative Trading Systems (Ref. CESR/02-086b) and on a harmonised professional and counterparty regime of investor protection (Ref. CESR/02-098b) that will complement the Retail Conduct of Business Rules (Ref. CESR/01-014d) adopted in April 2002.
20/10/2006 06-574 Press release- CESR adopts its MiFID Level 3 work program for 2007 and launches work with a consultation on record keeping requirements and market data consolidation Press Release PDF
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19/05/2008 08-404 Press release- CESR advises the European Commission to take steps and offers its proposal to enhance the integrity and quality of the rating process Press Release PDF
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