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24/06/2004 04-225b CESR’s recommendations for the consistent implementation of the European Commission’s Regulation on Prospectuses nº 809/2004 CESR Document PDF
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10/02/2005 05-054b CESR’s recommendations for the consistent implementation of the European Commission’s Regulation on Prospectuses nº 809/2004 CESR Document PDF
288.29 KB
20/12/2010 CESR/10-1321 CESR’s template for the Key Investor Information document CESR Document PDF
108.44 KB
24/10/2012 JC/CP/2012/01 Feedback statement ESA feedback statement on the Joint CP on Financial Conglomerates CESR Document PDF
82.95 KB
20/04/2012 2012/236 ESMA's Technical Advice on possible delegated acts of the short-selling and certain aspects of CDS , Technical Advice PDF
509.39 KB
03/06/2013 2013-614 ESMA’s technical advice on short selling regulation Technical Advice PDF
2.3 MB
Final Report 2013/614 ESMA‘s technical advice on the evaluation of the Regulation (EU) 236/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council on short selling and certain aspects of credit default swaps
23/06/2009 09-447 Feedback document to the consultations on the “draft ESCB-CESR recommendations for securities clearing and settlement systems and central counterparties in the EU” and the “draft recommendations for central counterparties as amended for OTC derivatives” b CESR Document PDF
151.49 KB
08/01/2003 02-287b Feedback Statement on CESR's advice on Level 2 Implementing measures for the proposed Market Abuse Directive CESR Document PDF
245.84 KB
CESR publishes today the Feedback Statement to its technical advice, submitted to the European Commission on Tuesday 31st December 2002, on level 2 implementing measures in connection with certain aspects of the Directive on Insider Dealing and Market Manipulation (Market Abuse).
08/10/2010 10-512 Feedback statement on the consultation on guidance to report transactions on OTC derivative instruments and subsequent CESR decisions CESR Document PDF
911.6 KB
02/04/2003 03-074 Feedback statement on the consultation on the statement of principles on the enforcement of standards of financial information CESR Document PDF
92.17 KB
During the seventh meeting of CESR held in Paris on 21 March 2003, the first CESR standard on Financial Information: Enforcement of standards on financial information in Europe (Ref. CESR/03-073) was approved. The standard is being published today along with a feedback statement summarising the responses received during the consultation process (Ref. CESR/03-074). The standard represents a significant part of CESR"s contribution to the task of developing and implementing a common approach to the enforcement of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Europe. The Standard No. 1 can be viewed under the heading "Standards".
29/01/2010 09-987 Feedback statement on the Consultation on “Classification and identification of OTC derivative instruments for the purpose of the exchange of transaction reports amongst CESR Members” CESR Document PDF
215.84 KB
28/06/2005 CESR-CFTC Feedback Feedback Statement on the Proposed Work Program to Facilitate Trans-Atlantic Derivatives Business CESR Document PDF
70.23 KB
20/12/2010 10-1398 Feedback statement- A guide to clear language and layout for the Key Investor Information document (KII) CESR Document PDF
103.3 KB
21/02/2008 08-066 Feedback statement- Call for evidence on the possible CESR level 3 work on the Transparency Directive CESR Document PDF
81.12 KB
03/02/2005 04-701 Feedback statement- CESR consultation on draft guidelines for supervisors regarding the transitional provisions of the amending UCITS Directives (2001/107/EC and 2001/108/EC) CESR Document PDF
89.05 KB
29/05/2007 07-319 Feedback statement- CESR Level 3 Guidelines on MiFID Transaction Reporting CESR Document PDF
80.39 KB
29/05/2007 07-316 Feedback statement- CESR Level 3 Recommendations on Inducements under MiFID CESR Document PDF
151.26 KB
02/08/2006 06-287b Feedback statement- CESR Mediation Mechanism CESR Document PDF
172.93 KB
03/11/2005 05-548 Feedback statement- CESR Recommendation on Alternative Performance Measures CESR Document PDF
83.5 KB
01/07/2003 03-209 Feedback Statement- CESR sends to the European Commission its Final Advice on Disclosure Obligations for listed and issuing companies CESR Document PDF
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