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03/03/2004 03-396 CESR Annual Report for 2003 Annual Report PDF
1.54 MB
CESR presents its Annual Report for 2003 to the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Ecofin Council. The Annual Report provides a thorough overview of the work of CESR and sets out our work plan for 2004. The report includes an explanation of the institutional framework within which CESR works and comments on the market trends of 2003. It also includes a chapter on each working group established within CESR and outlines the key points and progress made under each area. Looking to 2004, the annual report sets out the main priorities and indicates when various projects identified are expected to take place.
07/04/2005 05-013 CESR Annual Report for 2004 Annual Report PDF
2.62 MB
The Annual report was submitted to the European Commission and to the President of the European Parliament and the ECOFIN Council in accordance with the Article 4 of the European Commission
26/06/2006 06-004 CESR Annual Report for 2005 Annual Report PDF
2.08 MB
28/09/2007 07-003 CESR Annual Report for 2006 Annual Report PDF
2.88 MB
25/07/2008 08-103 CESR Annual Report for 2007 Annual Report PDF
4.89 MB
27/07/2009 09-744 CESR Annual Report for 2008 Annual Report PDF
3.8 MB
18/06/2010 10-766 CESR Annual Report for 2009 Annual Report PDF
4.59 MB
21/10/2004 04-434 CESR guidelines for supervisors regarding the transitional provisions of the amending UCITS Directives (2001/107/EC amd 2001/108/EC) CESR Document PDF
168.28 KB
04/03/2004 04-057 CESR Guidelines for the Consistent Implementation of the Proposed Commission's Regulation on Prospectus- Call for Evidence CESR Document PDF
84.83 KB
Prospectus Directive and accompanying Regulation establishes a harmonised format for Prospectus in Europe and enables companies to use this Prospectus to list on all European markets without having to re-apply for approval from the local regulator and by so doing help companies avoid the inherent delays and costs that this may involve. As a result of this new legislation, consumers can also be assured of more consistent and standardised information which will enable them to compare more effectively the various share offers available from a wider number of European listed companies. This is likely to lead to a greater range of products available to consumers and will encourage European companies to list and offer on a number of exchanges or markets due to the strengthening and simplification of the regulatory regime.
03/11/2005 05-178b CESR Recommendation on Alternative Performance Measures CESR Document PDF
76.84 KB
03/09/2003 03-213b CESR's Advice on the Second Set of Implementing Measures for the Market Abuse Directive- Feedback Statement CESR Document PDF
156.6 KB
The Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR) released today the Advice on the Second Set of Implementing Measures for the Market Abuse Directive (Ref. CESR/03-212c), accompanied by a Feedback Statement (Ref. CESR/03-213b).
19/03/2007 07-044 CESR's guidelines concerning eligible assets for investment by UCITS CESR Document PDF
131.42 KB
CESR publishes today its final Level 3 guidelines on eligible assets of UCITS (Ref. CESR/07-044). These guidelines complement the Level 2 implementing Directive adopted today by the European Commission (see
02/10/2008 07-044b CESR's guidelines concerning eligible assets for investment by UCITS CESR Document PDF
110.75 KB
09/02/2007 07-043 CESR's Level 3 Guidelines and recommendations on Publication and Consolidation of markets data CESR Document PDF
174.96 KB
09/02/2007 06-552c CESR's Level 3 Recommendations on the List of minimum records under Article 51(3) of the MiFID Implementing Directive CESR Document PDF
76.94 KB
23/06/2009 09-446 CESR-ESCB recommendations for securities settlement systems and recommendations for central counterparties in the European Union CESR Document PDF
720.58 KB
30/08/2010 10-945 CESR’s Guidance on common standards for assessment of compliance of credit rating methodologies with the requirements set out in Article 8.3 CESR Document PDF
258.93 KB
30/08/2010 10-944 CESR’s Guidance on the enforcement practices and activities to be conducted under Article 21.3(a) of the Regulation CESR Document PDF
272.32 KB
20/12/2010 10-1320 CESR’s guide to clear language and layout for the Key Investor Information document CESR Document PDF
161.87 KB
27/10/2005 05-484 CESR’s guidelines for supervisors regarding the notification procedure according to Section VIII of the UCITS Directive CESR Document PDF
214.72 KB