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30/05/2023 ESMA32-1188985980-272 ESMA response to IFRS Interpretations Committee on Tentative Agenda Decision: Premiums Receivable from an Intermediary (IFRS 17 and IFRS 9) Financial reporting Letter DOWNLOAD 166.45 KB
30/05/2023 ESMA81-393-644 Final Report on the Review of the RTS on the information to be provided in an application for authorisation and registration under the Benchmarks Regulation Benchmarks, Guidelines and Technical standards Final Report DOWNLOAD 540.1 KB
30/05/2023 ESMA24-450544452-1791 Jakub Michalik's ECON Opening Statement, 30 May 2023 Investor protection, Market Abuse, Prospectus, Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 146.93 KB
30/05/2023 ESMA42-110-812 Notifications of Compliance with Guidelines – Overview Table Guidelines and Technical standards Reference DOWNLOAD 142.48 KB
30/05/2023 ESMA65-8-6560 Technical Reporting Instructions - CSDR Article 9 - Internalised Settlement Reporting Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 3.62 MB
26/05/2023 ESMA70-151-2218 Public Register for the Clearing Obligation under EMIR Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 731.53 KB
26/05/2023 ESMA70-156-1434 Compliance table for Guidelines on non-significant benchmarks (ESMA70-145-1209) Benchmarks, Guidelines and Technical standards Compliance table DOWNLOAD 157.2 KB
26/05/2023 JC SC DOR-23-54 Joint European Supervisory Authority Discussion paper on DORA Innovation and Digital, Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 780.88 KB
26/05/2023 ESMA34-32-352 Q&A on the Application of the AIFMD Fund Management, Supervisory convergence Q&A DOWNLOAD 811.6 KB
26/05/2023 ESMA35-42-1088 Q&A on the European crowdfunding service providers for business Regulation Crowdfunding Q&A DOWNLOAD 676.65 KB
26/05/2023 ESMA81-393-477 Compliance table on Guidelines on methodology oversight function and record keeping requirements Benchmarks, Guidelines and Technical standards Compliance table DOWNLOAD 233.6 KB
25/05/2023 ESMA24-225943895-195 Verena Ross' speech at ICMA AGM, 25 May 2023 Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 117.85 KB
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25/05/2023 JC 2023 13 Final report on ESG disclosure for STS securitisations Joint Committee, Securitisation Final Report DOWNLOAD 552.47 KB
25/05/2023 JC 2023 16 Consultation Paper on draft implementing technical standards amending Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/1800 on the allocation of credit assessments of ECAIs to an objective scale of credit quality steps for Solvency II Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 709.29 KB
25/05/2023 JC 2023 15 Consultation Paper on draft implementing technical standards amending the mapping of ECAIs’ credit assessments Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 597.06 KB
25/05/2023 ESMA35-36-2813 Statement on investment firms providing unregulated services Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 361.75 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA22-106-4162 SMSG Rules of Procedure Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Decision DOWNLOAD 227.67 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA64-1678896832-810 Privacy statement - recruitment at ESMA Careers Reference DOWNLOAD 158.4 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA70-156-6458 Final Report on market outages Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 628.52 KB
24/05/2023 ESMA34-45-1802 Final report on the 2022 CSA on valuation Fund Management Final Report DOWNLOAD 340.11 KB