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03/02/2023 ESMA31-62-1258 Q&As on the Prospectus Regulation Prospectus Q&A DOWNLOAD 928.67 KB
03/02/2023 ESMA34-43-392 Q&A on the application of the UCITS Directive Fund Management Q&A DOWNLOAD 810.27 KB
03/02/2023 ESMA70-460-189 Q&As DLT Pilot Regulation Innovation and Digital, Trading Q&A DOWNLOAD 284.33 KB
03/02/2023 ESMA81-459-78 Working Group on Euro Risk-Free Rates - 13 December 2022 meeting minutes Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 1.41 MB
02/02/2023 ESMA70-156-6383 Final Report on ESMA's Opinion on the trading venue perimeter Investor protection, Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 615.79 KB
01/02/2023 ESMA70-446-772 Final Report on CO-DTO in the context of the benchmark transition Post Trading Final Report DOWNLOAD 975.13 KB
01/02/2023 ESMA50-164-6247 TRV article: Artificial intelligence in EU securities markets Innovation and Digital Report DOWNLOAD 467.9 KB
31/01/2023 Overview recruitments Overview recruitments Careers, Vacancies Reference DOWNLOAD 1.49 MB
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31/01/2023 Net short thresholds Net short position notification thresholds for sovereign issuers Short Selling Reference DOWNLOAD 26.54 KB
31/01/2023 JC 2022 76 Consultation Paper on Guidelines on the system for the exchange of information relevant to fit and proper assessments Investor protection, Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 312 KB
31/01/2023 ESMA34-49-496 Consultation Paper on the review of the methodology included in the Guidelines on stress test scenarios under the MMF Regulation Fund Management Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 728.14 KB
30/01/2023 ESMA22-106-4366 Summary of Conclusions SMSG - 15 December 2022 Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group Summary of Conclusions DOWNLOAD 164.52 KB
30/01/2023 ESMA24-435-690 MoU between ESMA and the FCA concerning EU Critical Benchmarks Benchmarks, International cooperation Reference DOWNLOAD 219.52 KB
27/01/2023 ESMA50-164-6583 Guidelines on stress test scenarios under the MMF Regulation Fund Management, Guidelines and Technical standards Guidelines & Recommendations DOWNLOAD 649.52 KB
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Translated versions ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_BG.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_CS.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_DA.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_DE.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_EL.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_ES.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_ET.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_FI.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_FR.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_GA.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_HR.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_HU.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_IT.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_LT.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_LV.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_MT.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_NL.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_PL.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_PT.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_RO.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_SK.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_SL.pdf ESMA_34-49-495_Guidelines_on_stress_test_scenarios_SV.pdf
26/01/2023 ESMA 65-8-10392 OBOOK – Business Requirements Document v1.0 MiFID - Secondary Markets Reference DOWNLOAD 471.42 KB
26/01/2023 ESMA32-334-707 ESMA issues its first opinion on the draft European Sustainability Reporting Standards - Press Release Sustainable finance Press Release DOWNLOAD 153.32 KB
26/01/2023 ESMA32-334-589 Opinion on the technical advice by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group on European Sustainability Reporting Standards Sustainable finance Reference DOWNLOAD 678.14 KB
25/01/2023 ESMA24-435-692 MoU between ESMA and the FCA concerning the recognition of UK benchmark administrators Benchmarks Reference DOWNLOAD 163.59 KB
23/01/2023 ESMA70-446-779 ESMA letter to the European Commission on the preliminary data report on the introduction of the market correction mechanism CCP Directorate, Risk monitoring, Trading Letter DOWNLOAD 99.46 KB
23/01/2023 ESMA70-46-778 Annex II – points for clarification - Letter to the European Commission on the preliminary data report on MCM CCP Directorate, Risk monitoring, Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 222.12 KB