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30/03/2023 ESMA70-156-6473 Public statement on the derivative trading obligation in the context of the migration of credit default swap contracts out of ICE Clear Europe Post Trading Statement DOWNLOAD 104.48 KB
30/03/2023 ESMA82-402-39 List of Synthetic Securitisations notified to ESMA Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 60.04 KB
30/03/2023 ESMA35-42-1428 Supervisory Briefing on Copy Trading Investor protection Report DOWNLOAD 400.37 KB
29/03/2023 ESMA91-372-2193 Final Report on the Draft Regulatory Technical Standards on Business Reorganisation Plans CCP, Guidelines and Technical standards Final Report DOWNLOAD 675.1 KB
29/03/2023 ESMA32-63-1465 27th Extract from the EECS’s Database of Enforcement Financial reporting Report DOWNLOAD 629.39 KB
29/03/2023 ESMA32-63-1385 2022 Corporate Reporting Enforcement and Regulatory Activities Report Corporate Finance, Electronic reporting, Prospectus Annual Report DOWNLOAD 1.43 MB
28/03/2023 ESMA35-36-2819 Final Report on the Review of the ITS on cooperation in supervisory activities under MiFID II Guidelines and Technical standards, Investor protection Final Report DOWNLOAD 340.28 KB
28/03/2023 ESMA74-362-2804 Consultation Paper on the amendments to Guidelines on position calculation under EMIR - Reply form Post Trading, Trade Repositories Reference DOWNLOAD 696.24 KB
28/03/2023 ESMA74-362-2724 Consultation Paper on the amendments to Guidelines on position calculation under EMIR Post Trading, Trade Repositories Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 833.38 KB
28/03/2023 ESMA35-43-3547 Public Statement on derivatives on fractions of shares Investor protection Statement DOWNLOAD 103.95 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA91-372-2226 Terms of Reference - CCP Resolution Committee CCP Reference DOWNLOAD 238.64 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA70-150-573 Terms of Reference - CCP Policy Committee CCP Reference DOWNLOAD 167.78 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA22-328-271 Terms of Reference - CCP Supervisory Committee CCP Reference DOWNLOAD 203.76 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA65-11-243 Terms of Reference - IT Standing Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 131.83 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA32-65-391 Terms of Reference - Issuers Standing Committee Issuer disclosure Reference DOWNLOAD 163.31 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA34-47-475 Terms of Reference - Investment Management Standing Committee Investor protection Reference DOWNLOAD 201.55 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA70-154-4702 Terms of Reference - Markets Standing Committee Post Trading, Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 157.92 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA22-106-4387 Terms of Reference - Proportionality and Coordination Committee About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 167.16 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA74-361-1818 Terms of Reference - Data Standing Committee Risk monitoring Reference DOWNLOAD 171.84 KB
27/03/2023 ESMA70-154-4767 Terms of Reference - Digital Finance Standing Committee Innovation and Digital Reference DOWNLOAD 259.1 KB