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ESMA70-152-348 List of third-country CCPs recognised to offer services and activities in the Union CCP, Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 510.29 KB
ESMA newsletter Newsletter May 2024 ESMA newsletter Reference DOWNLOAD 15.07 MB
ESMA70-151-887 CSDR List of relevant authorities - Article 12 Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 358.53 KB
ESMA34-46-101 Register of authorised European long-term investment funds (ELTIFs) Fund Management Reference DOWNLOAD 45.8 KB
ESMA32-193237008-8354 Letter to IAASB’s on the International Standard on Auditing 240 (Revised), The Auditor’s Responsibilities Relating to Fraud in an Audit of Financial Statements and Proposed Conforming and Consequential Amendments to Other ISAs Financial reporting, Issuer disclosure Letter DOWNLOAD 397.56 KB
ESMA iBox ESMA Visitor Handbook About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 489.46 KB
JC 2024 16 Joint Committee Annual Report 2023 Joint Committee Annual Report DOWNLOAD 207.42 KB
ESMA24-225943895-271 Verena Ross' speech at the 6th Annual Capital Markets Seminar, 6 June 2024 Speeches Speech DOWNLOAD 287.79 KB
MoU ESAs-ENISA Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation between the ESA and ENISA Digital Finance and Innovation, International cooperation, Joint Committee Reference DOWNLOAD 308.53 KB
ESMA70-151-2218 Public Register for the Clearing Obligation under EMIR Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 733.36 KB
ESMA36-287652198-2699 Final Report on Greenwashing Sustainable finance Report DOWNLOAD 1.59 MB
ESMA71-545613100-2519 ESAs call for enhanced supervision and improved market practice on sustainability-related claims - Press Release Press Releases, Sustainable finance Press Release DOWNLOAD 210.2 KB
EBA/DP/2024/01 Discussion Paper on the Call for advice on the investment firms prudential framework Investor protection, Joint Committee Consultation Paper DOWNLOAD 916.01 KB
ESMA03-1285871879-152 2024 Calendar of the Executive Director About ESMA Reference DOWNLOAD 132.23 KB
Overview recruitments Overview recruitments Careers, Vacancies Reference DOWNLOAD 840.17 KB
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ESMA35-1872330276-1670 Final Report on technical standards specifying certain requirements in relation to conflicts of interest for crypto-asset service providers under MiCA Digital Finance and Innovation Final Report DOWNLOAD 1.05 MB
ESMA82-402-39 List of Synthetic Securitisations notified to ESMA Securitisation Reference DOWNLOAD 61.3 KB
ESMA22-50751485-1486 Letter from Chair on prioritisation 2024 About ESMA Letter DOWNLOAD 182.52 KB
ESMA70-155-11635 CSD Register Post Trading Reference DOWNLOAD 1.48 MB
ESMA35-335435667-5924 Public Statement on AI and investment services Digital Finance and Innovation, Investor protection, MiFID - Secondary Markets Statement DOWNLOAD 206.21 KB