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15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1561 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on SITG methodology Reference DOCX
625.42 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1560 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on Recovery Plan Scenarios Reference DOCX
625.07 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1559 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on conditions for recompense Reference DOCX
624.91 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1557 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on Recovery Plan Factors Reference DOCX
625.29 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1556 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on Early Intervention Measures Reference DOCX
624.35 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1555 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on restrictions of dividends Reference DOCX
623.77 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA 91-372-1558 Response Form to the Consultation Paper on Recovery Plan Indicators Reference DOCX
624.93 KB
15/07/2021 ESMA 32-63-365 List of decisions published from the EECS’s Database of Enforcement Reference PDF
243.01 KB
13/07/2021 ESMA91-372-1436 Methodology for assessing a TC CCP under article 25(2c) of EMIR Reference PDF
274.52 KB
12/07/2021 ESMA41-356-224 Public Notice- DTCC Derivatives Repository , Reference PDF
151.07 KB
07/06/2021 ESMA91-372-1367 Framework for the 2021 CCP ST exercise , , Reference PDF
524.2 KB
03/06/2021 ESMA32-65-324 Call for interest ESMA ECL Workshop , Reference PDF
39.11 KB
28/05/2021 esma74-362-2009 Response_form_Response_form_-_Consultation Paper on the Guidelines on Transfer of Data , , Reference DOCX
776.32 KB
25/05/2021 ESMA70-150-573 Terms of reference CCPPC Reference PDF
115.38 KB
13/04/2021 ESMA70-145-1398 IT_templates , Reference XLSX
168.41 KB
13/04/2021 ESMA70-145-1395 DATA_templates TRs , Reference XLSX
53.23 KB
13/04/2021 ESMA70-145-1397 TRs IC_templates , Reference XLSX
30.4 KB
13/04/2021 ESMA70-145-1396 GOV_BUS_FIN_FEE_templates , Reference XLSX
52.82 KB
29/03/2021 ESMA74-362-1937 response form- Technical Advice on simplification TR fees under SFTR and EMIR , Reference DOCX
757.95 KB
24/03/2021 ESMA91-372-1395 Keynote Speech_Derivatives Forum 23 March 2021 Speech PDF
160.05 KB