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15/06/2005 05-415 annex Visit of US Treasury Secretary John Snow to CESR- photograph Press Release PDF
1.87 MB
From left to right: US Treasure Secretary John Snow, CESR Chairman Arthur Docters van Leeuwen, CESR Vice-Chairman Kaarlo J
09/06/2010 10-333 Technical Advice- The Equivalence between the Japanese Regulatory and Supervisory Framework and the EU Regulatory Regime for Credit Rating Agencies , Technical Advice PDF
4.59 MB
03/05/2004 04-207 Summary of the responsibilities of the new authorities joining CESR. Annex to Press Release ref:CESR/04-203 Press Release PDF
120.94 KB
09/03/2006 06-107 Public statement- Update on CESR’s dialogue with Credit Rating Agencies to review how the IOSCO code of conduct is being implemented Press Release PDF
525.34 KB
06/07/2006 06-220 Public statement- Update on CESR’s dialogue with Credit Rating Agencies to review how the IOSCO code of conduct is being implemented Press Release PDF
3.79 MB
24/08/2007 07-564 Public statement- Publication of the responses received to CESR’s questionnaire regarding the rating of structured finance instruments and extension of the deadline Press Release PDF
72.76 KB
15/05/2007 07-304 Public statement- Progress Report on CESR’s dialogue with CRAs to review how the IOSCO code of conduct is being implemented Press Release PDF
465.25 KB
26/10/2007 07-627b Public Statement- New arrangements for the reporting of derivatives trades in accordance with MiFID Press Release PDF
260.49 KB
01/08/2005 05-502 Public statement- Follow-up work of the CESR/ESCB Joint Working Group on Clearing and Settlement Press Release PDF
54.1 KB
20/01/2009 09-069 Public statement- CESR’s activities in relation to short-selling Press Release PDF
61.6 KB
EU securities regulators are closely monitoring the functioning of the markets under the current circumstances and are considering together possible actions which might be taken to contribute to orderly functioning of the markets from the angle of short-selling.
13/12/2007 07-825 Public statement- CESR starts work on Employee Share Scheme Prospectuses: European Commission’s request to CESR for assistance on employees share schemes Press Release PDF
420.93 KB
13/01/2006 05-758 Public statement- CESR reminds issuers and investors about the importance of clear and transparent disclosure on the use of any options made available by applicable financial reporting standards Press Release PDF
101.17 KB
The purpose of this communication is to remind European issuers about the importance of giving clear and transparent disclosure when making use of any of the options made available to them by the applicable financial reporting standards and their decisions regarding the determination of accounting policies in the absence of specific IFRS guidance.
04/02/2009 09-089 Public statement- CESR provides information for investors affected by the Madoff collapse: CESR urges regulated firms to communicate with their clients Press Release PDF
188.99 KB
17/12/2008 08-972 Public statement- Assessment on the Equivalence of Prospectuses from non-EEA Jurisdictions (Article 20.1 Prospectus Directive) Press Release PDF
54.31 KB
17/12/2001 01-007c Public Statement of Consultation Practices Press Release PDF
52.27 KB
15/06/2005 05-415 Press statement- Visit of US Treasury Secretary John Snow to CESR Press Release PDF
83.21 KB
29/05/2007 07-358 Press statement- Secretary General, Fabrice Demarigny, to leave CESR Press Release PDF
52.46 KB
06/02/2006 06-059 Press statement- Cross-sector work programme for 2006 Press Release PDF
105.56 KB
05/11/2008 08-888 Press Statement- CESR welcomes IASB’s guidance on measuring and disclosing the fair value of financial instruments in non-active markets Press Release PDF
78.64 KB
19/10/2007 07-718 Press statement- CESR updates the MiFID Market Transparency Database Press Release PDF
101.08 KB