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06/07/2006 06-328 Letter from the EU Commission regarding Annual Reports on Credit Rating Agencies, and CESR's answer Letter PDF
1.34 MB
These documents are included in 06-220, however, they are added here seperately for ease of reference.
02/10/2006 3L3 Cross Border Letter from the Chairs of CEBS, CESR and CEIOPS to Commissioner McCreevy in respect of the Commission's proposals on Cross Border Consolidation. Letter PDF
385.98 KB
17/11/2006 EC G3 D(2006) 8626 Letter from the European Commission- Request for initial assistance on non-equities markets transparency Letter PDF
29.3 KB
11/04/2007 McCreevy 05/03/07 Letter from Charlie McCreevy, Commissioner for the Internal Market, regarding standard forms for the notification of holdings of voting rights Letter PDF
87.08 KB
08/01/2008 07-851 CESR letter to EFRAG- IASB’s Exposure Draft of proposed Improvements to International Financial Reporting Standards 2007 Letter PDF
66.27 KB
08/01/2008 07-864 CESR letter to EFRAG- IASB’s Exposure Draft on ED 9 Joint arrangements Letter PDF
59.49 KB
28/02/2008 3L3 27/02/08 3L3 Chairs’ Joint Letter to EU Institutions submitting Draft Work Programmes Letter PDF
69.29 KB
18/03/2008 08-166 Comments regarding IASB’s Exposure Draft on amendments to IFRS 1 and IAS 27 Cost of an investment in a subsidiary, jointly controlled entity or associate Letter PDF
63.71 KB
29/04/2008 08-285 Comments regarding IFRICs Exposure Draft D 24 on Customer Contributions Letter PDF
57.16 KB
28/05/2008 08-278 Joint CESR/ERGEG mandate in the context of the Third Energy Package- Letter to the European Commission and their response Letter PDF
228 KB
04/09/2008 08-483 Letter to EFSA, ESBG, EACB and EAPB regarding the MiFID Q&A Letter PDF
1004.98 KB
11/09/2008 08-647 CESR's comment letter to EFRAG on the IASB discussion paper on Financial Instruments with the characteristics of Equity Letter PDF
107.39 KB
CESR, through its standing committee on financial reporting CESR-Fin, sent a comment letter to EFRAG on a discussion paper on Financial Instruments with the characteristics of Equity issued by the IASB.
22/09/2008 08-663 CESR's comment letter to the IASCF regarding the first part of the review of the Constitution Letter PDF
72.11 KB
CESR today published its response to IASCF regarding the first part of the review of the Constitution. This first part of the Constitutional Review is limited to deal with two aspects of the Constitution: the creation of a Monitoring Group for the Trustees and the composition of the IASB. In this context, CESR provides its remarks regarding the first one.
22/09/2008 08-666 CESR's response to EFRAG's Consultation on Strengthening the European Contribution to the International Standard Setting Process – EFRAG enhancement. Letter PDF
71.68 KB
25/09/2008 08-646 CESR's comment letter to IASB’s Exposure Draft on an improved Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting Letter PDF
67.54 KB
25/09/2008 08-648 CESR's comment letter to the draft endorsement advices on IFRS 3 Business Combinations and IAS 27 Letter PDF
67.88 KB
25/09/2008 08-658 CESR's comment letter to the IASB’s Discussion Paper on Reducing Complexity in Reporting Financial Instruments Letter PDF
0 bytes
02/10/2008 EC 11/04/08 Letter from the European Commission- Physical short selling in the context of the UCITS Directive Letter PDF
487.67 KB
03/10/2008 08-796 CESR input to the IASB Expert Advisory Panel consultation paper regarding “Measuring and disclosing the fair value of financial instruments in markets that are no longer active” Letter PDF
88.81 KB
31/10/2008 08-866 Letter to the European Commission- CESR’s advice on the UCITS Management Company Passport Letter PDF
67.25 KB