The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), in force since November 2007, is a core pillar in EU financial market integration. It consists of a framework Directive (Directive 2004/39/EC), an implementing Directive (Directive 2006/73/EC) and an implementing Regulation (Regulation No 1287/2006).

MiFID establishes a regulatory framework for the provision of investment services in financial instruments (such as brokerage, advice, dealing, portfolio management, underwriting etc.), for the operation of regulated markets by market operators and also establishes the powers and duties of national competent authorities in relation to these activities.



  • Official list of National Competent Authorities under Article 48 MiFID
  • Official list of National Competent Authorities under Article 56 MiFID


This database is available via the following link: http://mifiddatabase.esma.europa.eu

It contains information regarding Shares admitted to trading on EU Regulated Markets, Systematic Internalisers, Multilateral Trading Facilities, Regulated Markets and Central Counterparties, as required under the MiFID directive. Please click on the relevant title to access the search function for a specific database. You can return to the front page by clicking on Home.

This database is a compilation of information from all EU national competent authorities, who are responsible for the content. For documentation relating to the use of the databases, please refer to the documents published 3 July and 19 October 2007, in the Document section.

Queries regarding the content should be addressed to the relevant national authority. A list of contacts can be found here.



Reference document

Guidelines for ESMA database on Shares admitted to trading on EU Regulated Markets