Working at ESMA

ESMA is looking to recruit staff from a broad range of professional backgrounds and from both the private and public sectors.

As a body dedicated to the regulation of the EU’s securities markets, we can offer you opportunities across a number of areas including policy development, supervision, financial and economic analysis, communications, administration and legal services.

We recruit across all financial markets fields: investment management, market infrastructure, economics, corporate finance and reporting, etc. and look for high quality professionals with thorough knowledge in their field.
Group of staff

What are my career options?

ESMA staff are subject to an annual performance appraisal based on objectives agreed between the line manager and the jobholder. The appraisal system has a dual purpose, namely: to assess the employee’s performance over the year and also their eligibility for promotion; and to assist the employee in developing their potential and therefore further enhance their career prospects.

To support this aim we develop tailored individual employee training programmes, based on the self-assessment and appraisal of staff, which will enable employees to meet their potential and also allow them to map out a career path within the organisation. In support of this aim, we provide a variety of training opportunities in general or technical fields, including languages and management courses, through individual/group trainings, specific in-house events or external activities. As ESMA grows, the possibilities for internal mobility will also increase, allowing employees to pursue a definite career path within the Authority.

Professional Contracts

ESMA recruits its employees under two types of contract, that of temporary agent (TA) and contract agent (CA).

A temporary/contract agent’s contract is for three years, with the possibility of it being renewed for a further period of three years at the end of the first three year contract and becomes indefinite after the second renewal.


All staff recruited by ESMA must serve a probationary period, which is six months for a temporary agent and nine months for a contract agent.

Additionally, staff members in managerial positions should serve a nine month managerial probation period, which runs concurrently with the six month standard probationary period.


Temporary and contract agents at ESMA are subject to an annual performance appraisal. Objectives need to be agreed upon and established at the beginning of the contract period. The employee should work towards his/her objectives set.


Our traineeship scheme is aimed mainly at recent university graduates, regardless of age. Trainees are selected from nationals of the Member States of the European Union, of candidates of an acceding country or from the European Economic Area. However, a limited number of nationals of non-Member States are also accepted according to available resources and in accordance with the operational priorities of ESMA.

Trainees are awarded a monthly grant and the traineeship may last from a minimum of one to a maximum of nine months. However, other durations may be possible in exceptional cases.

Applications should be made to, together with the supporting documents. Applications are welcome at any time. More information  on traineeships can be found here.

Salary and benefits

Our working and contractual conditions are based on the EU Staff Regulations and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities (C.E.O.S). These offer a competitive remuneration package which includes pension provision, health, accident and unemployment insurance. In addition, additional allowances are paid to staff depending on their family circumstances.

Basic Salary and Benefits

The salaries for staff depend on the category and grade of each post. The basic monthly salaries are shown in the following tables.

Temporary agents (TA)

Grade Basic salary in € (Step 1)
Basic salary in € (Step 2)
AD 12 10.324,20 10.758,04

11 9.124,87

10 8.064,86 8.403,76

9 7.127,99 7.427,52

8 6.299,95 6.564,69

7 5.568,11 5.802,09

6 4.921,28 5.128,07

5 4.349,59 4.532,36
AST 4 3.844,31 4.005,85

3 3.397,73 3.540,50

2 3.003,02 3.129,21

1 2.654,17 2.765,70


Contract agents (CA)

Function Group Grade Basic salary in € Years of experience required
IV 15 4.555,99 More than 20 years of professional experience

14 3.558,90 
More than 7 years of professional experience

13 3.145,45
Professional experience of up to 7 years
III 9 2.780,03
More than 7 years of professional experience

8 2.457,08
Professional experience of up to 7 years
II 5 2.171,49 More than 7 years of professional experience

4 1.919,18 Professional experience of up to 7 years
I 1 1.847,76 Compulsory education


The basic salary is exempt from national tax but will be subject to various allowances as well as EU tax, social security and other deductions set out in the staff regulations.  These include, as a % of your basic salary:

•    Pension (11,60%);
•    Health insurance (1,70%)
•    Accident cover (0,10%);
•    Unemployment insurance (0,81%);
•    EU Income tax (tax levied progressively at a rate of between 8% and 45% of the taxable portion of the salary); and
•    Special levy (5,50%) calculated on the part of the remuneration exceeding the minimum remuneration.

Additional allowances

A range of allowances are available to staff, depending on their family/personal situation. These are paid in addition to your salary:

•    Expatriation or foreign residence allowance;
•    Family allowance;
•    Daily subsistence allowance;
•    Travel and moving allowance;
•    Place of origin, centre of interest;
•    Dependent-child allowance;
•    Pre-school allowance; and
•    Reimbursement of school fees.

Additionally, to reflect the higher cost of living in Paris compared to Brussels, the basic salary is adjusted to reflect the cost of living in Paris (the current co-efficient factor for France is 116,1 %).  The basic salaries indicated in the tables above are the amounts before the adjustment.

Further information regarding the rights and conditions of employement can be found in the EU Staff Regulations.

Work-life balance

ESMA aims to create and maintain a supportive and healthy work environment that enables staff members to have balance between work and personal responsibilities.

Our work-life balance initiatives include:

•    Maternity, paternity, parental and family leave;
•    Special leave in certain circumstances such as marriage, birth or adoption of child and other family events;
•    Annual leave;
•    Unpaid leave;
•    Teleworking policy.