Trainee at ESMA

ESMA offers the possibility of traineeships, under certain circumstances.  If you are interested in being a trainee at ESMA, you will find the necessary information on this page.

Application procedure

Candidates who are interested to carry out a traineeship at ESMA, are invited to submit:

•    A detailed CV, preferably in the EU CV format. You can find the template on the following web site:

•    A letter of motivation specifying the reason why they apply, the objective/project they would like to  carry out, as well as the suggested period and length of traineeship (2 pages maximum).

Complete applications are to be submitted in English by email to with the following subject “Application for a traineeship at ESMA”. Please note that you will only be contacted if your application is retained for a traineeship at ESMA.


Relevant documents for further information


Decision of the Executive Director - on the engagement of trainees for an in-service training


Rules governing traineeship period at ESMA