Trade repositories

Trade repositories centrally collect and maintain the records of derivatives. They play a central role in enhancing the transparency of derivative markets and reducing risks to financial stability.

Under EMIR (Titles VI and VII of Regulation EU n°648/2012), ESMA has direct responsibilities regarding the registration, supervision and recognition of Trade repositories. 

In particular, Article 55 EMIR provides that “a trade repository shall register with ESMA . The registration of a trade repository shall be effective for the entire territory of the Union”.

Once registered, the trade repository will be supervised by ESMA in order to ensure that it complies on an on-going basis with all EMIR requirements, thereby enabling regulators to access to data and details of derivative contracts in order for them to fulfil their respective missions.

Queries on registration of Trade repositories can be send to

For information on other aspects of EMIR, please click here.

According to Article 81(1) EMIR and Article 1 of Commission Delegated Regulation 151/2013, a trade repository shall publish, at least on a weekly basis, an aggregate information regarding the data reported to that trade repository on a website or online portal. In this respect, please refer to the websites of the registered trade repositories, where they are publishing the aggregated data per derivative class.


Should you need to submit a complaint about one of the trade repositories supervised by ESMA, please fill in this form.

We can best investigate your complaint if we receive detailed and complete information.

The filled form should be sent to TR-supervision[at] In the email subject line, you should put “Complaint re: TR”.

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