Registries and Databases

Notice for consolidated registers

  • Alternative investment fund managers
  • MiFID Investment Firms
  • Prospectus and supplements
  • Sanctions
  • UCITS Management Companies
  • Venture Capital and Social Entrepreneurship funds

The consolidated registers listed above have been set up by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) with the collaborative effort of all relevant European Economic Area (EEA) national competent authorities (NCA).

ESMA draws users’ attention to the fact that ESMA is in the process of working with the NCAs in order to complete all operational steps necessary for them to upload on the consolidated registers all national data.

National data not available on these consolidated registers is accessible through the relevent NCA contact list for each register.


Database NCA* contacts
Corporate finance (Prospectus Directive)
Means of communication of final terms
NCA contacts
Prospectus and supplements Database
Corporate reporting (Transparency Directive)
Access to regulated information   NCA contacts
Credit rating agencies
Central repository (CEREP) statistics    
— Rating activity Database  
— Default rates Database  
— Default rates - Fallen Angels Database  
— Transition matrices Database  
Registered and certified credit rating agencies Database  
Investment management
Alternative investment fund managers Database
Categories of covered bonds and issuers of covered bonds Database  
Undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS) management companies Database NCA contacts
Venture Capital and Social Entrepreneurship Funds

— European Venture Capital Fund Managers (EuVECA)

— European Social Entrepreneurship Fund Managers (EuSEF)


Registry before 16/03/2015**
Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
Central counterparties Database  
MiFID Investment Firms Database

Investment Firms authorised by UK FCA***

NCA contacts

Multilateral trading facilities Database
Regulated markets Database
Shares admitted to trading on EU regulated markets Database
Systematic internalisers Database
Tied Agents   NCA contacts
Suspensions and Removals Database
European Central Counterparties authorised to offer services and activities in the Union   Registry
Third-country Central Counterparties recognised to offer services and activities in the Union Registry
Competent authorities responsible for non-financial counterparties   NCA contacts
Competent authorities responsible for the authorisation and supervision of central counterparties (CCPs)   NCA contacts
Public Register for the Clearing Obligation under EMIR   Registry
Registered trade repositories   Registry
Settlement Finality Directive

— Designated authority to notify opening of insolvency proceedings

— Designated payment and securities settlement systems

  NCA contacts
Key relevant provisions of the corporate or similar law of a Member State, under which securities are constituted NCA contacts
Sanctions Database  

* National competent authorities (NCA)

**As of 16 March 2015, with the launch of the IT application, NCAs are invited to use exclusively the new register application and also to upload existing backlog data into the new register.
During a transitional period, starting 16 March 2015 and ending 16 June, both the static database and the new register will be displayed. However, the static database will not be updated anymore by ESMA and all new entries will be hosted on the new register.

***The UK FCA is in the process of completing the operational steps necessary for it to upload on the ESMA consolidated registers its national data concerning the list of investment firms authorised to provide investment services and activities. In the meantime, an update list is available here (link). The list will be updated on a regular basis.

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