Joining ESMA


We advertise all of our vacancies on the ESMA website and the EPSO sites dedicated to EU careers. Our recruitments follow a specific step-by-step process in full compliance with the principles of equal opportunities, fairness, transparency and impartiality.

We aim at achieving the best match possible between the needs of the organisation and the qualifications and skills of our candidates, taking into consideration both technical and soft skills required for each position.

The current list of vacancies ESMA is looking to fill can be found here.

Trainee at ESMA

ESMA offers the possibility of traineeships, under certain circumstances.  If you are interested in being a trainee at ESMA, you will find the necessary information on this page.

Selection Process


A selection board will review all valid applications against the criteria defined in the vacancy notice. This board will select the most suitable applicants for an interview, in an objective, impartial and transparent manner.

Interview and written test

The next stage involves an interview with the selection board which will assess applicants against the criteria set out in the vacancy notice.

Computer ESMA logo The interview will be held in English, but knowledge of other languages may also be tested. Native English speakers will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of a second language during the interview.

The interview will be composed of two parts:
-    A discussion with the candidate on their background and motivation;
-    Series of hard skills and soft skills questions.

In addition to the interview, applicants will undergo a written test in English which will cover issues and areas designed to test their knowledge, expertise and suitability for the specific role.


Following the interviews and written tests, the selection board will create a reserve list of successful candidates. ESMA may recruit staff from the reserve list at any time during the period of validity of the lists, which in general is one year with a possible extension of one year. Inclusion on the reserve list does not imply any entitlement to employment.

Additional Requirements

Medical visit

All candidates who are offered either a Temporary or Contract Agent position at ESMA must receive a medical certificate of physical fitness (medical clearance) before the actual starting date at ESMA.

Documents required by ESMA

Prior to joining ESMA, staff from the Human Resource Team will be in touch to discuss the documents i.e. passport, birth certificate, marital status etc…, which you will be required to provide to ESMA ahead of your joining date.

Moving to Paris

The Human Resources Team will provide you with the necessary information on planning your move to Paris, including details of the allowances available and processes to be followed when moving country.