IT Governance

Nicolas Vasse

CHAIR : Nicolas Vasse, Head of Operations, ESMA

RAPPORTEUR : Alexandru Dincov

ESMA's IT Management and Governance Group is in charge of the information technology (IT) governance of ESMA. The group steers ESMA IT projects especially those that ESMA undertakes in conjunction with the national authorities. It is composed of senior ESMA representatives who have experience, knowledge and expertise in IT project management, financial markets, and supervisory related issues. The group’s main objectives are to lead pan-European IT projects of ESMA to provide ESMA and the national authorities with IT systems and services that help national competent authorities to fulfill their obligations, prepare reporting on IT issues of relevance to EU institutions for the approval by ESMA and to consult and advise ESMA on IT related issues.

Any correspondence regarding the work of this group should be sent to the ESMA staff.