ESMA Vacancies

Here you will find the vacancies which are currently open at ESMA. Please read carefully the respective vacancy notice for details concerning the application procedure (click on View to download the file).

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Reference Date Type Title Download More Info
2014/VAC6/FGIV 15/04/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice - Legal Officer - Legal, Compliance and Convergence Unit (Deadline 24/05/2014) View > See more
2014/VAC13/AD9 09/04/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice - Team Leader - Secondary Markets (Deadline 11/05/2014) View > See more
2014/VAC7/FGIII 09/04/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice - Financial Assistant/Procurement Assistant (Deadline 11/05/2014) View > See more
2014/VAC8/AD6 31/03/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice – Legal Officer (Deadline extended till 26/04/2014) [updated vacancy notice] View > See more
2014/VAC10/AD7 28/03/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice - IT management and governance supervisor – Credit Rating Agencies supervision (Deadline 04 May 2014) View > See more
2014/VAC9/AD8 26/03/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice - Strategy and Risk Team Leader – Credit Rating Agencies Unit (Deadline 02 May 2014) View > See more
2014/VAC4/AD8 05/03/2014 Vacancy Vacancy notice - Senior Legal Officer (Deadline 25 April 2014) View > See more