Credit Rating Agencies

ESMA is exclusively responsible for the registration and supervision of Credit Rating Agencies (CRA) in the European Union. A full list of all CRAs currently registered in the EU, can be found via the menu. 

In addition, ESMA also carries out policy work to prepare future legislation, such as regulatory technical standards, and guidelines.  This work is undertaken through the CRA technical committee, which has representatives from all the national competent authorities. 

On the pages accessible through the menu you will find further details on ESMA's work in the area of Credit Rating Agencies.


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Should you wish to submit a complaint about a credit rating agency, please fill in this form and email it to In the subject title of your email, please state "Complaint about credit rating agency".


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The CEREP database provides information on credit ratings issued by the CRAs which are either registered or certified in the European Union, and allows investors to assess for the first time on a single platform the performance and reliability of credit ratings on different types of ratings, asset classes and geographical regions over the time period of choice. 

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Registered CRA's


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