Using the ESMA website

Organisation by area of work

The main menu gives direct access to the working areas of ESMA, giving you a clear overview of the different areas of responsibility of ESMA, and of the various workstreams that are ongoing. Each area has a main portal page, indicated in blue in the menu.  Here you will find an overview of the work in this area, information about upcoming events and deadlines, and in some areas also specific news streams.  Amongst the sub-pages you will find the pages of the standing committees, and document sections prefiltered to show the documents only relating to a specific area.

Organisation of ESMA

The top menu gives you a quick access to practical information about ESMA, to consultations and hearings in the section Your input, and to the main document library.  This menu also provides access to the press area and databases. 

How do I find a specific document?

There are several ways of finding documents. All documents are located in the main Documents section, accessible through the top menu. Here you can filter by section, type and date, and you can also search on title and reference number. 

If you want to see the latest developments in a specific area, you can see the Documents prefiltered by sections that are accessible through the main menu. All documents that have been subject to consultations can be found under consultations, in the Your Input section, and then under ongoing or past consultations.

We are committed to ensuring the widest-possible access to ESMA documents following requests from the public. However, we are also required to protect confidential information that we receive about financial market participants in the course of carrying out our tasks, as well as personal information. If you would like access to a document that it not available on our website, please send a request using the details on our Contacts page, specifying as much detail about the document requested as possible. Further details about the types of documents that can be made public and the procedures that we apply can be found in our rules on access to documents. 

How do I submit a response to a consultation? 

To submit your response to a consultation, please access the Consultation section through the Your Input menu item in the top menu.  Once you have located the consultation that interests you, please click on the 'To Respond' button that can be seen next to the title of the Consultation. Please fill in your details and attach your document. Word documents are preferred.

How do I sign up for an Open Hearing?

To sign up for an Open Hearing, please please access the Hearings section through the Your Input menu item in the top menu. Once you have located the Hearing that interests you, please click on the button To book. Hearings are open to the public free of charge, but due to limits on numbers, restrictions might apply. This will be specified in the Details.

 How do I register or change my subscribtion for notifications?

To create your ESMA account, please register by filling in the form available through the Register button at the top of the page.  Once you have your account you can sign up for notifications and RSS feeds, and bookmark pages. 

You can sign up to receive notifications for all documents by clicking on the envelope icon on the top of the document list in the page accessible through the top menu.  If you would rather receive notifications only for one area, please sign up on the pre-filtered page accessible through the main menu.

You can manage your subscriptions in the page My ESMA.  This page is accessible by clicking on your name when you are logged in, but you are also sent to this page when you log in.  

Should you have any further questions, please contact the webmaster.