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2015/1304 01/09/2015 Opinion ESMA Opinion on emergency measure by the Greek HCMC under the Short Selling Regulation View > See more
2015/1301 31/08/2015 Consultation paper Consultation Paper on Draft implementing technical standards under MiFID II View > See more
2015/1301 reply form 31/08/2015 Reference document Reply form to the Consultation on Draft implementing technical standards under MiFID II View > See more
2015/1295 RP 27/08/2015 Reference document Response form for the Discussion Paper on Review of Article 26 of RTS 153/2013 View > See more
2015/1295 27/08/2015 Consultation paper Discussion Paper on the review of Article 26 of RTS 153-2013 View > See more
2011/214g 26/08/2015 CESR waiver MiFID waivers from pre-trade transparency - CESR positions and ESMA opinions View > See more
PROC/2015/010 25/08/2015 Tender Fixed Telephony Services - Deadline for submission: 13.10.2015 View > See more
2015/1258 18/08/2015 Letter ESMA submission to IFRS IC on IAS 20 View > See more
2015/1261 14/08/2015 Reference document Guidelines compliance table - Guidelines on the application of definitions C6 and C7 under MiFID I View > See more
BOA/2015/001 14/08/2015 Decision Decision of the Board of Appeal of the European Supervisory Authorities given under Article 60 of Regulation (EU) No 1094/2010 and the Board of Appeal’s Rules of Procedure (BOA 2012 002) View > See more